Frustrated with looking for a job? How to be an independent day trader or quant analyst?

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2010)

Frustrated with looking for a job? How to be an independent day trader or quant analyst?
Ok. As we all know, trying to break in to this trading and / or quant field is very hard. Unless you have years of experience in development or doing actual analytics, it will be very tough to convince hiring managers you have what it takes to be successful on the job.
It also appears you would need an advanced degree like in financial mathematics or hold a PHD in physics. Uh yeah for us minions. I mean if you are in your twenties, you have a clear shot to be on this lucrative career path. If you are in your forties, I would say you will various challenges to try to make it into these types of positions.
So what are your options? There are many developers like me who love the world of finance. We might have some advanced knowledge in various programming languages ranging from Java, C++, or C#. Knowing databases or network administration will not cut it. You need to know these three primary languages to be noticed by a hiring manager or recruiter. Unless you have direct experience in a large investment or hedge fund, it will be difficult to build credibility with these hiring managers.
As a result, it always in your best interest to learn these programming languages mentioned. Also, this site focuses on three open source libraries (or APIs) that are building credibility within the financial world community. These frameworks include Marketcetera, QuantLib, and Active Quant. All focus on C++ or Java. Also, knowing the Excel front end product of QuantLibXL will help to. You will be exposed to modelling, VBA, and other research functions that are in hot demands right now.
Maybe you are frustrated with the constant interviews, online assessment tests, and so on; this could be potential option to strike out on your own. The next question is about funding your trading to build profits, etc. This is a very tall mountain to climb but can be very rewarding as compared to working for the ‘man’ even if you get a job in this field. You will never reach the limits these companies would put on you if you got really successful.

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