Difficult Bloomberg job interview for a C++ position with interview questions

Difficult Bloomberg job interview for a C++ position with interview questions
(Last Updated On: June 15, 2010)

Difficult Bloomberg job interview for a C++ position with interview questions

So I did this deadly Bloomberg interview for a senior C++ role. Here is my experience I can tell you first hand. Be very prepared to have all the technical skills sets on your resume to be handpicked for questions. If you list, STL or multithreading. Be prepared for an onslaught of very detailed and methodical series on questions on the topic.
Here is what I gathered, Bloomberg uses Solaris with the hope of moving to Red Hat Linux . There is no real need to understand databases or database connectivity as their developers don’t really use it. If you are curious, they use Oracle and Sybase. If you have any of these on your resume, it may help but it will not be priority skill they will want.
The position I was qualified for was their API newsfeed team which has fifty people spread throughout the world including New York City, London, and Tokyo. As a result, the questions were more involved in focusing on multithreading, debugging, and the ilk. As it stands, I was asked the usual constructor trickery questions you can find on Career Cup. I cannot stress you need to go through ALL the questions related to your programming language. Through this site, find common patterns that are asked to various candidates. Based on the this huge amount of research, I was able to determine the kind of questions that were asked. I can confirm, 95% of the questions were exactly for very similar to what you find on Career Cup. Anything else could be either to general or a waste of time. It also helps to use WIlmotts which was a recent discovery. This site goes back years of posts as well but is very helpful if you are wanting to get into finance or quant.
Other questions asked were about if a reference or pointer can be used. Expect to get questions on the various types of casts (i.e. dynamic, static, const, etc). This kind of question confused me. The interviewer was very good at. I also go question about overloading and overriding but she tried to ‘trick’ me on overloading/overriding in based versus derived classes. There were also tonnes of questions on multithreading as this is something you are expected to know at Bloomberg. Make sure you understand all the PThread functions to save your skin Also, if you don’t have hands on Pthread multithreading experience, expect theoretical questions at you. I based my on Java core out of the box. This was also very tricky.

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