Definitely Matlab is the standard for building Quant models and strategies.

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2010)

Definitely Matlab is the standard for building Quant models and strategies.
Ok. So we gave some open source projects a chance to prove themselves with this site. Is has been proven to me that commercial proprietary products like Matlab is the definite way to move forward in learning about Quant based modelling and strategies. After some quick research, I started to realize that this tool is the industry standard. No questions about it. I mean when you look at open source project like ActiveQuant or Marketcetera, they have a huge wall to climb to get any traction compared to like an industry standard of Matlab.
So what is next? After some quick research, I started to realize there are some great tools, add ons, and services brought from many high profile companies that would integrate with Matlab. It appears companies like Thompson Reuter has an add on API for their market feed service. I am sure this is very expensive with a monthly subscription but it is also quite apparent that the big investment banks and hedge funds would use this type of service. You can just see it in the job quant based job descriptions on all high profile quant job boards. So why waste your time with open source projects if it won’t lead you anywhere within the industry?

Is this one free?

As you can judge from some of these links, some have free add ins or plugins (don’t know the Matlab lingo yet) but there is also a connection to Tango. I see this one in job descriptions a lot.
One trend I am noticing is that there is few Java integrations options as compared to C or C++. As a result, this is another option why should pursue Matlab.
As for getting a copy of Matlab, there are many places you can go so I don’t need to mention that. There is also the recent Matlab 2010a with Simulink as well. I will be check all these out but for now, I am hoping to start with Matlab 7.7 2008. Let’s see where I go with Matlab huh?

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