Complete set guide of Java and C++ interview questions from Microsoft, Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, Google, Yahoo, Adobe, etc

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2010)
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Complete set guide of Java and C++ interview questions from Microsoft, Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, Google, Yahoo, Adobe, etc

Golly gee. I must admit that C++ interview are very tough these days. This includes knowing data structures, sorting, and so much more. I was stunned on the level of info you need to know to come as an expert in C++. It ain’t easy folks and you will not learn this over night. I have done enough interviews over the recent past which include large scale companies like International Business Machines (IBM), I 365 (owned by Seagate I believe), and more little ones you probably never heard of. Anyhow, what is critical is the level of knowledge you need to know. I have posted numerous topics on learning C++ namely about quant related stuff. Do not think you will be asked the basics, you won’t especially if you are coming from the tech side. If you are coming in from the quant side with a recent masters, I would not surprised tech interviewers will go easy on you. Coming from the tech side, I again stress the need to understand all the detailed stuff of C++. I have also scoured sites like Glassdoor and Career Cup. I especially like Career Cup based on their tech questions. It shows the kind of questions many of the large companies are asking. A lot of these involve algorithm based questions. You can find questions from large companies like Goldman Sachs, Bloomber, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, IBM, Qualcomm, Adobe, Apple, and many many more. These are tough but I have compiled a great package for you to download. This a large chunk of what is found on Career Cup. Some are more generic but it will help you narrow in on your weaknesses. Remember these are from Career Cup and there are lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. Beyond that, some if it can be high valuable. Here is the download link which is a zip file with DOCX Microsoft Word 2007 files.

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