ActiveQuant proves to be inadequate as frustration increases to work with. Starting to doubt this project

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2010)

ActiveQuant proves to be inadequate as frustration increases to work with. Starting to doubt this project
I am pretty dead serious about this. This project is proving to be useless. After constantly working with it for over week in all major Linux distributions like Ubuntu, CENTOS, and Debian, this open source project is quickly being doubted by me. I am trying to learn about this project but if you want to waste your time in development or even configuring, Active Quant is definitely for you.
After struggling to get building successfully within Ubuntu, I have managed to build using both the command line and Eclipse. I have come across strange issues with the same methods on Windows 7 and exact versions of Maven, Subversion, and Java.
The documentation is a pure joke when it scattered across two sites. Also, there is not step by step instructions on how to build and run their examples. It seems that the authors have assumed you have certain knowledge in Linux, Windows, or even Java. This is fine but any smart author should always assume their reader is brain dead when it comes to installing their open source package. This is not the case. I am quite disappointed thus far.
Although there are lots of features and some examples, I cannot be the only one struggling with this. How are Active Quant’s authors really expect their project to get any traction in quant shop or consulting shop. At this point, I cannot recommend it. There seems to be some support in their Nabble user list, etc but I am somewhat challenged to get their project up and running.
As for their VMWare appliance, you cannot even download it from:
If there are some oversights here alone, how would you wonder what the quality of the source code or testing is like? I may need to revisit this in a few months to see if there any improvements. Sadly, Active Quant is not recommended as I hope it would be. I may revisit the developments of this project in a few months. Hopefully, I can be impressed to move forward on it.

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