Active Quant in Java reveals a potential bridge between Quantlib and Marketcetera

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2010)

Active Quant in Java reveals a potential bridge between Quantlib and Marketcetera

I have finally done a quick analysis of Active Quant lately. This is a hundred percent Java based framework and set of sub projects which help you in any Quant development you may undertake. First off, if you are needing to use a one hundred percent framework like QuantLib which is written in C++, Active Quant is definitely not the right fit. I am not sure if a Java based quant framework is efficient for your project, but it is a definite resource to learn about generic quant development.
There is a definite feel of some great work here in terms of understanding how to connect to the major broker houses like Activ or Interactive Brokers. This is your source to close the gap between the fantastic Marketcetera open source project. If you develop you Java based strategies for Marketcetera, you can use and / or learn about the various adapters to connect to a supported broker like Interactive Brokers.
Another items I like is the somewhat simplistic comments in SOME of the source files found in Active Quant’s base of code. Also, I found some scant documents that support this project. One surprising thing I discovered was that Active Quant’s mailing list revealed their contributors that you will need to be left on your with source code or the small community to figure out stuff. I kind of find that daunting. I could be wrong but I did not find anything that grabbed my attention to further investigate how to generally use Active Quant.

If you got the time, play with Active Quant but be prepared to figure it out on all your own. You will be left to your own devices. Feature wise, it looks like Active Quant has many gaps left behind with QuantLib and Marketcetera. It could be that glue but I do find this will be magic trilogy of open source development for Quant based projects. Go for it to make some potential huge money.

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