Top 8 Reasons and Tips why you want to be a successful quant analyst or seek a great quant finance job

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2010)

Top 8 Reasons and Tips why you want to be a successful

quant analyst

or seek a great

quant finance job

1. They pay well. I mean really well. A lot of us out there are driven by money. When you get into this business of quant, be prepared to become a quant analyst who could work at some trading desk at an investment bank or hedge fund. These positions can pay into seven digit figures like in the millions. Of course, you would need a PHD!
2. Blending the technology of C++, JAVA, and C# for .NET from Microsoft. If you love technology especially, this is the best place to be. You can focus on any operating system platform like Linux, Unix, or Windows. Pretty cool.
3. There is a huge entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in the world of quant. Everyone wants to make a buck and will use any means to reach it.
4. Some of the Quant groups are awesome. In some of the groups I am part of, there seems to be a few secrets as some quants will open up about their technology and which strategies work for them
5. Get excited as a quant if you create a very profitable strategy using a trading desk application or a front ended quant application.
6. Quants know Microsoft Excel really. Most front ended systems use Microsoft Excel so learn this as VBA is frequently used.
7. When deploying, you might want to use Linux or Windows. I find Linux is more popular as to deploy on. Quants want near zero latency or even low latency, Linux has few layers than Windows. There are less processes running in the background as Linux gives you more control what runs.
8. Quants use strategies development in order to find something profitable. If you find a strategy that is profitable, keep it a closely guarded secret as you don’t want the world of quants to know about it. Many quants will exploit it until there are no more profits to be made.

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