The complete C++ interview questions and role play questions are coming very shortly

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2010)

The complete C++ interview questions and role play questions are coming very shortly.

I now have a complete list of most scenarios for C++ interview questions. This covers some very detailed questions that can be asked at financial companies like Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, or Bank of America. These same questions could be as technical for Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, Google, or Apple tech based companies.
This is a complete source of questions divided into various sections based on C++ interview topics ranging from memory, strings, STL containers, and so on.
Please be aware these questions and role play scenarios were gleaned from sites like Glassdoor.com and careercup.com. These sites seem to be the premiere sites for questions being asked by these big companies. Some of the questions and answers are from people where English is not their number one language. Be patient there as there tonnes of grammar and spelling mistakes. I don’t have the time or will not clean these up. This is not my job as I only will educate on this site.

As it stands, C++ is tough language as you will see in these future postings. I hope to do the same thing for Java but Java is way vaster. Both programming languages are used primarily for Quant based applications or at least other apps that support the primary Quant apps. .net languages like C# are a whole other world but I may not even focus on C# at this point. As we all know, C++ is the primary language of choice but knowing Java definitely helps as well.
As said, I hope to do the same thing as with Java but there are so many development frameworks where it does not seem worthwhile in pursuing considering the salaries of Java versus C++. Most Java interviews I have seen anyhow focus more on Java core as opposed to frameworks. Unless you are going for some architect level position, you will definitely need to focus on SOA, ESB, messaging concepts.
Well, as said, let’s get these C++ question s posted from both Glassdoor.com and careercup.com

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