My interview experience with Morgan Stanley for a Java position

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2010)

My interview experience with Morgan Stanley for a Java position
Today my interview was five hours ahead. Don’t ask why? This was for a Java position in Montreal, Canada. The interviewer was from New York City which is where Morgan Stanley’s headquarters. The basics were not too hard as they focused mostly on Java core.
Some of the questions included overloading versus overriding, synchronizing methods versus synchronization blocks, and Java access modifiers (.i.e. protected, public, private, and default), etc. There were also questions on JMS (Java Messaging Service) and JDBC. As this position was based on Hibernate and MQ Series, there were high level questions n JDBC and JMS. One question was what the difference between a topic versus queue.
It seems the answers were not adequate for what he was looking for. It seems if I gave myself a seventy five percent, he wanted answers at a ninety five percent level. Be aware of this, you need to have perfect answers. You need to be flawless in your answers. It raises the interviewer’s confidence in your abilities. You may then go to the next level of a second onsite interview in one of their locations like Montreal or New York City.
If you want to go the next level, it is highly recommended to study the skills sets needed in the job application. For instance, if you see Spring and Hibernate, study these frameworks in detail. It also is recommended to also study the underlying technologies like JDBC. Make you sure know these.
Also, if you see the need of a commercial messaging system (i.e. MQ Series or Web sphere MQ from International Business Machines (IBM)), say you know the underlying technology like a JMS. That could be an acceptable answer but again be expected to know technologies of JMS.
Good luck with your potential interview or job hunting.

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