How to convert string to double dollars using C++ string stream, a STL container, and locale

(Last Updated On: May 18, 2010)

How to convert string to double dollars using C++ string stream, STL containers, and locale


using namespace std;

void to_dollar(int a);

int my_number_format(int num)
int idx;
char buffer[64];

idx = sizeof(buffer)-1;
buffer[idx–] = 0; // end zero

int count = 0;
while (num > 0) {
if (0 == idx)
return -1;
if (count > 2) {
buffer[idx–] = ‘,’;
if (0 == idx)
return -1;
count = 0;
buffer[idx–] = ‘0’+(num % 10);
num /= 10;

buffer[idx] = ‘$’; // currency sign
return printf(“%s\n”, &buffer[idx]);

int main()
int userInput;

cout << "Please enter an integer-:> ” << endl; cin >> userInput;
int result;
return (0);

void to_dollar(int a)
stringstream inString;
string strTemp;
long double intTemp;

inString << a; // convert integer to string for easier handling inString.str(inString.str()+"00"); // concatenate two zeos to denote currency fractional digits inString >> intTemp; // convert back to integer

locale loc(“english_USA”); // set the locale

cout.setf(cout.flags() | ios::showbase); // turn on currency sign printing
const money_put& m_put = use_facet >(loc); // get the money_put facet
m_put.put(cout, false, cout, ‘ ‘, intTemp); // show me the money. Note to use fractionally adjusted value.
cout << endl; }

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