Here is why Blackberry will lose huge market share with limited applications compared to Apple iPhone or Google Android

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2010)

Here is why Blackberry will lose huge market share with limited applications compared to Apple iPhone or Google Android
The last session at the Toronto Code Camp at Seneca at York University was somewhat of a disappointment. A Research In Motion Developer’s Consultant was sanctioned to present this Microsoft .NET group how the development of Blackberry’s web development platform works.
There were three types of Blackberry applications including Blackberry Browser, Blackberry Widgets, and Hybrid application (Browser Field) which would be a highlight of the new upcoming Blackberry OS 6 (operating system) to be released in quarter 3 2010 which was by July or August.
This RIM consultant also mentioned about the three types of Blackberry application pushes which included a channel push, message push, or a cache push.
The Blackberry Browser can be found on the Blackberry Enterprise Server, Internet Browser (found on the Blackberry Internet Server), WAP Browser, an a hot spot and/or WI-FI browser. Some of these also involve RIM’s Mobile Data System (MDS).
Design consideration of Blackberry applications include build vertical, use appropriate fonts and colors, and determine if it will be a touch screen or track ball or track button application.

Blackberry Development Tools include a plug in for Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse (for Java development), a Blackberry Smartphone simulator, Mobile Data System (MDS) Services Simulators for network connectivity, and a Javascript debugger.

The Blackberry widgets includes over 250 applications programming interfaces (APIs).AJAX is also available of Blackberry OS 4.6 (operating system) and uses the MVC design pattern technique throughout Blackberry’s development cycle. The Model would contain the business logic while the Controller would basically involve the steps and components when people are hitting the application. This also includes the transferring of data. We also know that View is the presentation of the application.

In one sentence, why would Research in Motion to focus on creating Blackberry applications with Javascript. Why not something more up to date? For example using some more modern scripting language like Python or Ruby on Rails. This does not make sense. Also, why is there is no developer incentive for their hardware. Google offers it with discounts and an open technology phone for any network. Basically unlocked. RIM have definitely decided to use the wrong language and wrong developer techniques and programs. They might pay market wise just like Nokia. I guess you could say I will focus on Iphone or Google Android applications.

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