Here is another strange set of exceptional c++ gotchas for job interviews at Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley, etc

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2010)

Here is another strange set of exceptional c++ gotchas. As I have learned from Java, C++ has boat loads of strange exceptions you should be aware of. If you are familiar with the process of trying to learn or clear the Sun Certified Java Programmer exam, you will quickly realize that Java has some very strange quirks. This can be said for C++ as well.
It is no longer easy to say you know C++ or the basic level of keywords, functions, or methods. You need to understand the detailed level or granular level of certain syntaxes of the language. This can also be said for the usual Boos library and Standard Template Library (STL) in the past posts you will find here on this blog.
A lot of this extract is what I have highlighted that you should know. This is from a sourced book I highly recommend from Herb Sutter, More Exceptional C++. I will post some as well on his original book Exceptional C++. These are critical to test your knowledge of C++ as you prepare for a potential career in Quant development or Quant analytics. As you know, a lot of your job could entail knowing this powerful programming language.
I have enclosed my link to these set of notes. Please download them but do realize these are in rough and will not be edited in the future. This is just to help you get ahead of the curve in your C++ learning. Deal with the complexity of this language. The reality is that your job interviewers will be looking for perfection. I can confirm that from a variety of Java related interviews I have had recently with a vice president from Morgan Stanley in New York City.
Here is that link to my notes. Good luck.

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