Helpful Tips for Morgan Stanley Java job interviews with resources for Hibernate, Spring, Collections, Generics

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2010)

Helpful Tips for Morgan Stanley Java job interviews with resources for Hibernate, Spring, Collections, Generics

My Morgan Stanley is ony 24 hours away. This is with a high profile vice president out their New York City headquarters. I must say I am quite nervous prepping for this interview. As you know, the end result can easily change your life. The job would be in Montreal but that is ok since I am already in Canada.

So how am I boning up for this interview? Since it is Java based where Hibernate, Spring, and MQ Series are required skills. I am obviously focusing on these areas. My Java code knowledge is decent as I have worked with it for over 7 years. Here has been my plan of attack:
1. The Spring in Action book is quite good for picking up Spring knowledge. VisualBuilder.com has an excellent started Spring tutorial on general Spring programming with direct injection as well. The book I recommend also highlight aspect oriented programming and other important topics that detail the Visual Builder tutorial. This book is also pretty well the standard in learning Spring.
2. If you want a very fast way to learn Hibernate. The best online tutorial I can recommend is Pookey for the United Kingdom. I know his nickname is funny but this tutorial is quite effective. It starts here I believe:
As said, this is a very effective tutorial which is easy to digest and is a complete end to end tutorial. It does not go into great detail but it will give you a very quick overview of the general features of Hibernate with Maven, annotations, and other solid topics.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Java data structures is a very important topic in these Morgan Stanley interviews. I can personally confirm that from a previous Morgan Stanley interview. So what is the best resource? I would easily say the standard Kate and Bert Sun Java Certification Program book they wrote. Again this is another standard if you are going for your SJCP. It can be found at:
Just make sure you know two topics here that are critical for you success. Learn the collections inside out, understand hash and equals() very well, and generics. Chapter 7 is the one to focus on. Also, understand the basics of Threading to from Chapter 9. These are important topics that will be discussed in your interview.

Next topic will cover the more advanced data structure topics you will not really find in books or ebooks. I will list some online resources that should help to understand Java data structures.

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