C++ proves to be easier to manage job interviews compared to Java. Nokia's Qt makes C++ relevant

(Last Updated On: May 21, 2010)

C++ proves to be easier to manage job interviews compared to Java. Nokia’s Qt makes C++ relevant

This weeked is a holiday weekend but I get to study for a Morgan Stanley job interview set for Tues. It seems this will be a little easier than C++ since it is Java based. Java is fairly complex but do remember a lot of it is based on C++ as it is the older language.
Java can be complex with all those frameworks you need to know like Spring, Struts, Hibernate, and all the other competing technologies like J2EE or even the new Enterprise Edition 5 or even 6. Did I mention about the world of JBOSS and what they got going on with Drools and JBOSS portal. When does it end? You get the idea of the number of technologies you are supposed to know like Ibatis, Velocity, JSP, and way more than I care to mention.
Then it comes to C++. This is an older language but Java is as mature. The one thing I like about focusing on C++ only is that there are really only 2 libraries (or frameworks) you are really responsible for. Those are the Standard Template Library (STL) and Boost. Although Boost is very vast, I don’t think you need to be held responsible for nothing past shared_ptr. I could be wrong but I see little beyond that for now. STL is pretty well an extension of native C++. If you focus on the native C++ core language and STL, you should be fine.
As compared to previous languages like Java, there are fewer options and choices.

The future of C++ is upon us. I just got a job request from a trading company here in Toronto but they require you to know Qt which is a pretty amazing mobile/graphical C++ framework that Nokia is pushing. You should check it out as there are some powerful companies behind it. Also, this is just one example showcasing the important of C++ and how the language will continue to be pretty modern.

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