c++ interview questions on XML, quant, and multithreading

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2010)
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You have to manually parse HTTP call whereas SOAP library parses the XML for you and provides methods to get the header and body information.
Quant based:
Describe a CDS to a layman.

What is Z spread?

Difference between a forward and a future?”
Find the error code sample:
Find the error and fill in the blanks, what is the output?
i++ || ++i || i–;
by Scofield:
i++ and I — negate each other, so ++i
i =1
i == 2

i++ is post-increment, when the first operator || gets the value it will still be zero.
++i is pre-increment, so the second operator || will get 2
The || operator will shortcut with:
0 || 2

so the final ++i will not be executed.
How can you lock a portion of a file and how to use it ?
man -S 2 fcntl

The lockf() function shall lock sections of a file with advisory-mode locks. Calls to lockf() from other threads which attempt to lock the locked file section shall either return an error value or block until the section becomes unlocked.

Say you have a multithreaded network I/O bound server that is single-threaded, under a load of tens of thousands of connections. What is the most expensive operation encountered in processing data, and how would you minimize the impact of the operation?
The most expensive operation is the read from the network socket. You would minimize its impact by using non-blocking sockets and reading as much as you could in one go; this would allow a minimal number of read operations to obtain the contents of the stream.

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