C++ interview questions on database, debugging, gdb, arrays

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2010)
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Suppose your software requires the client to enter information into a database. What do you do if data insertion takes too long?
I said, improve the hardware. Not what he was looking for, but the answer worke
in unix one task/process is stuck. How will debug it ?
Attach it to GDB via gdb -p PID and see where its stuck. Now examine various parameter values, to see what they are at the moment (this is convenient the process and libraries were compiled with -g i.e. with debugging information. Otherwise disassemble current (or previous frames) via gdb, and get ready for long session of reading assembly).

Simple function to add two numbers – try to think of all possible ways to debug it –
int range overflow (how to detect) , incorrect inputs, error codes and return values etc.
what all errors is possible if u write past the array bounds?
memory corruption, call stack corruption. In unix, scope is limited to these 2 inside a process. In RTOS, the corruption can span across multiple tasks/processes
you inadvertently overwrite some portion of memory that some pointer or a variable is pointing to when you write past array bounds

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