Bank of America phone interview question topics on C++

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2010)

Bank of America Interview Question for Financial Software Developers about C++
1) Type of stl containers
2) difference in composition, agregation,association.
3) Predicates
4) Deadlock and Starvation
5) Raised condition
6) Diff in Conversion ctr and explicit ctr
7) diff in has_map and map
8) explain hash_map and bucketing
9) virtaul inheritance, diamond problem
10) function adaptors
11) fucntors
12) function objects
13) in how many ways two classes A and B be related to each other.
14) diff between vector and dqueue
15) Repopulation of dqueue and its complexity.
16) types of iterators
17) how would you implement a map.
18) concept of immutability.

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