Interactive Brokers API with Dukascopy bonus

Interactive Brokers API Workshop Bootcamp which includes demos with Redis NOSQL database in Python, Java, and C++. This includes all operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • Intermediate training
  • Videos in HD format
  • Approximate 10 hours
  • Downloadable PDFs

Watch Trailer

This trailer will walk you though the highlights of all demos and video playback of non Windows software for Interactive Brokers TWS.

Prerequisites and Requirements

Depending on your language of choice, these demos with source code are useful for those who want take advantage of  the Interactive Bokers TWS software.

What Will You Learn?

This course will give you an overview of the critical components needed for your own algo trading system. This will give thought on pieces that will make you successful as indie automated trader to control your own destiny.

Module 1: Why Redis

Here is an introduction to the world's in memory NOSQL database. This demo introduce why it should be used with source code.

Module 2:  Why Python for my algos and automated trading

Simple demo of Interactive Brokers Python integration with iBPy package. Sample code incuded.

Module 3: Demo of Java and Python with Redis Pub Sub

Java file: jedistest-java

Java was demonstrated in Netbeans IDE

Python Redis Chat redis-chat

Module 4: IB Java Test Client demo

IB Java Test Client demo

Netbeans IDE Java project ibredis2-tar

LRANGE Python demo found in this directory redis-chat

Module 5: Java Push LPUSH Python LRANGE

Java Push LPUSH Python LRANGE

Module 6: Python pub to Java sub IB TWS Order

Python pub to Java sub IB TWS Order

Python code under

Netbeans Java Project testibsubmitentry

Module 7: TWS API C++ library and IB C++ on POSIX Mac

C++ source is made available from IB API sample package as hinted in video

Module 8:  IB Conditions and scenarios

Scenarios and conditions to use what programming languages

Module 9: Dukascopy forex bonus material

Buy order samples via socket programming

Keep your eyes peeled on my Dukascopy Youtube video playlist

Your Online Instructor

Bryan Downing

I’m Bryan Downing and I’m the founder and owner of ‘QLN’ (as I often call it) is unique – it’s the only quant-related website and membership service expressly designed to help you gain practical experience with the quantitative world.