Overview of Futures/Options Strategy For Foundation

There is a focus on commodity, currency, metal, financial, with pure fundamental analysis. You will learn how to apply foundation what the pro traders use.

  • Beginner training
  • Videos in HD format
  • Approximate 26 hours
  • Downloadable PDFs

Watch Trailer

This trailer will demonstrate the most important fundamental for options and futures trading. This is most lucrative ways to trade.

Prerequisites and Requirements

A combination of C++ and Python knowledge is helpful with various simple algorithms.Many coding samples are provided but walk-through demos are used to demonstrate the UC Davis we roll model of off.

What Will You Learn?

This course will give you the exact knowledge what professionals used for decades before electronic trading. The idea is fully explain pricing action drivers, econometric analysis, and options vs futures examples.

Module 1 C++ Python Algo Indie Trading Business Course Phase 2 Futures and Options
C++ Python Algo Indie Trading Business Course Phase 2 Futures and Options
Unit 1 History and Introduction to Futures/Options Algorithms FO
Unit 2 Options Future Equation class library with Test Client FO
Unit 3 Example of conversion for Treasury Bond Eurodollar and Foreign currency like Euro FO
Unit 4 More Treasury bond and Eurodollar pricing change calculation examples FO
Unit 5 Simple profit loss example of US dollar and Euro movement in future contract FO
Unit 6 Demand for storage FO
Unit 7 Intertemporal commodity pricing storage and how it affects a market FO
Unit 8 Inter-temporal pricing theory detail FO
Unit 9 Eaxmples of Cost of carry model, Interest rate parity, Eurodollar and Yen FO
Unit 10 Notes on yield curve FO
Unit 11 Notes on random walk theory and Purchasing Power Parity FO
Unit 12 Intro to hedging FO
Unit 13 More hedging and optimal hedge FO
Unit 14 Optimal Hedging FO
Unit 15 Options on futures FO
Unit 16 Options examples continue FO
Unit 17 Additional Options concepts with comparison to Futures FO
Unit 18 Option pricing more examples FO
Unit 19 Call put parity FO
Unit 20 Options trades FO
Unit 21 Black Scholes option pricing with volatility defined FO
Unit 22 Black Scholes continued with Delta Effect FO
Unit 23 Hedging options FO
Unit 24 Option Trading Example vs Future FO

Your Online Instructor

Bryan Downing

I’m Bryan Downing and I’m the founder and owner of Quantlabs.net. ‘QLN’ (as I often call it) is unique – it’s the only quant-related website and membership service expressly designed to help you gain practical experience with the quantitative world.