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Explain pricing action what drives the fundamentals

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Get our latest charts in real time on the various aspects of our complete LIVE analysis and trading. This covers major asset classes as described below.


You will not find any service of its kind for the the most broad view of any global market opportunity our system has access to.

    1. 3 type of analysis uses including fundamental, technical analysis, and quant
    2. DETAILED Econometric forward data analysis for optimal forecasting with optimal probability outcome
    3. Portfolio analysis for optimal deployment of capital and return of capital
    4. Global view of great maximum return based on real time analysis


Full Service Benefits

Here's a break-down of the full components of our exclusive fundamental/technical/quant based trading for long term trading success

  • All asset classes covered including forex, stock/ETF, options/futures,
  • Secure group chat for live trading
  • Live group events for preplanning daily trading briefs
  • Exclusive video playbacks to learn from trading session
  • Detailed forecasting charts/data of trading plan of daily trading triggers
  • Daily Position logs once our system goes into live trading mode

“ I’ve been working on my own automated trading system for nearly three years. I stumbled upon this group by accident and have attended two sessions. I am blown away by the wealth of new concepts and ideas I’ve been exposed to here. ”

Lee Grey
Lee Grey Company Inc

“This is an extremely educational group for anyone interested in learning more about quantitative finance and profitable trading. You don’t need to be an expert to join, some are here to teach and others are here to learn. We are all here to meet new people who share the same interest about quant finance as we do.”

Erol Biceroglu
Erol Biceroglu Company Inc

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