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Trading Secrets Private Webinar April 2

Trading Secrets Private Webinar April 2

We talk

1. Early indicators for market entry

2. Using whipsaws to prevent high probable losses

3. Why this forex bot works

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Tonite’s Goto Meeting webinar details on R Intro 7pm

Hi All
I will be posting login details towards 7pm tonite to login. Remember there will be limited slots so everything will be on a first come first basis.

These details will be posted either at:




Goto Meeting webinar details on R Intro 7pm

Coming August 13th: the R webinar you’ve been waiting for!

Hi there,

Just days from now I’m hosting new webinar that’s free to all meet-up members and Quantlabs.net Premium members.

It’s all happening on August 13 at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Mark that on your calendars right now! Because Ram Venkat — one of my valued members — is giving a brief introduction to the R programming language in the R environment. This course will include:

* topics covering key points about the language itself
* exactly which R packages you need for financial modeling, and
* what books and online video resources are worth it

As a quant trader, you couldn’t ask for anything better for learning about R and understanding the importance of model development. All of which leads to profitable trading strategies, of course!

August 13 at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time. Join now to reserve your spot today:


I’ve saved probably well over $100,000 by not using Matlab’s Parallel Computing toolbox with a set of workers in which the licensing fees would have financially killed me.

R integrated with an open-source NoSQL database does the same thing. For free!

So get a massive leg up on the competition at no extra charge. A seat at this webinar (and all the others I’ve planned) is part of the standard Premium membership fee. Become part of the Quantlabs.net community today:


Once you’re a member, you lock in the current low rate for as long as you remain part of the club.

Good trading,
Quantlabs.net Editor
“Those that know, don’t tell. Until now.”

P.S. Ram will answer your questions about R during the presentation. Tap into his extensive R knowledge as well as further programming ideas/concepts on your mind.

Even if you’re an experienced developer, you’re going to learn something useful!

Get a tour of the entire membership here:


FREE WEBINAR MEETUP: Intro to R by Ram Venkat

FREE WEBINAR MEETUP: Intro to R by Ram Venkat

This a reminder for Premium members about this webinar. If you are wanting to be introduced to R for free, this is the time to do it. Details follow. Meetup takes place:


Monday, August 13, 2012 at 7PM EST

Online meetup through GotoMeeting. May have limit so sign up early to guage interest.

Intro to R with topics on:
R environment and installation
R packages and sample data sets
R objects and classes
Data input and cleaning
Graphic power and statistical computing
Quantmod and other important packages
Books and tutorials

Ram’s Bio:

” I am a software professional with 3 decades of experience. I hold a Masters degree in industrial engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India. with Dawn Analytics i focus on software development and consultancy with R, Python and Hadoop.”

Get registered now at: http://www.meetup.com/quant-finance/events/75560792/