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Scan of a few markets down load with government data with a few USA sectors like oil

SnapshotFREDScan of a few markets down load with government data with a few USA sectors like oil


Trading Idea Category Networking & Communication Devices USA

DId gold and it shows it is very weak Trading Idea Category Gold USA

This snapshot only show Professional Business Service has any growth will full expansion of employment:SnapshotFRED

This coud have been an interestign sector to scan Trading Idea Category Asset Management USA



Analytics to forecast the markets while trading

Analytics to forecast the markets while trading

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Note that all videos are not final output as this is still in testing. This is for all those interested in a preview of this analytics service.

Note we can do mutual fund or indices. We have Australian or British examples to download here

Our Quant Analytics


Our 2 minute trailer

Our longest video with complete overview of the reports/spreadsheets and complete system running to generate these 

Detailed videos on each report below

There is virtually no risk to try this out

There are entire set of REPORTS so far!

Demo overall automated reports of European Sentiment Indicator reports

Our entire US Economic view of major Indicators

Download our Excel samples for US stock picks:  idea

How to automatically generate trading pair with long and short in the next profitable sector

Full demo and analysis of my real time economic snapshort for profitable market sector AUTOMATED trading

Download our Snapshot FRED report SnapshotFRED

Some statistical analysis for your junkies out there

Preview of the watchlist for prescreening stocks training pair ideas. DO realize this is still in developing and testing but not final:

Demo report of automated positions management on long short trading with stop loss

Self adapting with Kelly Criterion to a portfolio with automated trading performance with P and L

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