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bitcoin tumbles 10% and Japan yen safe haven

bitcoin tumbles 10% and Japan yen safe haven

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Registration of upcoming next Python Algo Trading course

Registration of upcoming next Python Algo Trading course

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Apple killed and JPY flash crash blip but will banks out perform

Apple killed and JPY flash crash blip but will banks out perform

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new private chat is now working! Please visit here….

Hey all, the new private chat is now working! Please visit

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Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency

NOTE that the LIVE component start Mon Jan 7! Notes of structure of LIVE class for 6 weeks


Python Version 3

Python 3 Infrastructure Blocks with Crypto
As Bitcoin ruled the financial news cycle in recent times, many have had a peak interest in crypto currency along with systematic trading. There are many advanced trading research techniques including machine learning, AI, or quant. This course was created for the ‘newbie’ who has a basic understanding in popular programming languages but easy to learn such as Python. A focus of technical analysis was chosen since it is popular among retail traders. It is also seems to offer more predictable results as opposed to harder to learn concepts such as quant or machine learning. In essence, a simpler with more effective techniques were purposely chosen to get someone with basic programming knowledge (eg. Python) to get ramped up faster!
Price: $1,147.00
Price: $247.00

Python Version 2

Python Trading Infrastructure Building Blocks Single
Python C++ Trading Infrastructure Building Blocks Topic units include: Unit 1 Popular Programming Language Overview for Algos and Automated Trading Unit 2 Why Python for my algos and automated trading Unit 3 Setting up your Python environment Unit 4 Why Python Introductory Programming Resources and Environment video and material Unit 5 Intro overview of MongoDB open source NOSQL database Unit 6 OPTIONAL Intro to Redis for highest performance in your algo trading Unit 7 Interfacing with Interactive Brokers TWS with Python and other demos Unit 8 Market Data Source with Yahoo Finance Unit 9 Pretty trading charts with Matplotlib and PyQtChart Unit 10 GUI Front End Customization with Qt Designer
Price: $497.00
Price: $247.00

Overview and benefits but see below for detail content

Intro to Python 3

Intro to Python 2

Topics covered in topic for Python version 2 or 3.

Part 1 CryptoCurrency Algo Trading Options with Python

1. Programming Language Overview

1.1 Coverage of scripting and interpretive languages

1.2 Legacy languages for live trading

1.3 Offer the pros and cons of typical languages you will use

1.4 Show how Python is most sensible and popular open source languages

2. Python tools and methodology

2.1 Python 2 vs 3

2.2 PIP the package manager

2.3 Python install options on operating systems

2.4 Tools like popular editors/IDEs e.g. Sublime

2.5 Simple Debugging techniques

2.6 Very high level concepts of popular machine learning frameworks and Jupyter use cases

Part 2 Market Data Wrangling

3. Options to capture market database

3.1 IEX and IQFeed

3.2 LMAX and Interactive Brokers broker overview options

3.3 Oanda market data source code demo

4. How to create Pandas dataframe to manipulate data

4.1 Read a comma separated value file (CSV)

4.2 Apply statistical calculation and manipulative row

4.3 Export data to CSV or Excel format

5. Redis NOSQL Overview and Sample

5.1 Why this is used

5.2 Open source and benchmarks

5.3 Compared against popular open source HFT project

5.4 Server and client edition

5.5 Python code demos

Part 3 Technical Analysis with Charting

6. Demo technical analysis indicator examples functions with TA-Lib

6.1 Bollinger bands

6.2 Exponential moving average

6.3 Standard deviation

6.4 Relative strength indicator

7. Intro to ChartDirector for Python

7.1 How to install Mac or Linux compliant like system

7.2 Advantages over open source Python packages including Matplotlib or Seaborn

7.3 Benefit of ChartDirector

7.4 Hints of developing interactive Self Standalone chart with potential live charting

Part 4 Introducing CryptoCurrency with Python

8. Cryptocurrency Outlook and CCXT Python Package overview

8.1 Intro to CoinBase.com to depend on volume

8.2 Reliable exchanges

8.3 Advantages of Python option vs web programming languages

8.4 Examples of CCXT Python Package

9. Funding Crypto Currency account

9.1 Different credit card option sources

9.2 Why banks block funding cryptocurrency via credit card

9.3 Round about way to fund anonymously via credit

10. Crypto Currency trading idea with forward looking data tips for your strategy idea

10.1 NVT Ratio

10.2 Futures and Options market

10.3 COT reports

10.4 Use of CoinMarketCap.com

100 companies have better margin than Apple with Pound drops as BOE raise rate

100 companies have better margin than Apple with Pound drops as BOE raise rate

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My Youtube video using free R-Studio for newbies and installing free R packages from CRAN or R-Forge

My Youtube video using free R-Studio for newbies and installing free R packages from CRAN or R-Forge

I have just posted a new video on the amazing combination of all these tools.

Why R-Studio?

There is no difference if you use are using Eclipse or Netbeans as an integrated development environment, I love this free tool R-Studio which should be added to your arsenal for any model prototyping or development. It can be used on any major operating system platform including Mac OSX, Linux, or Windows. It also has a server edition you can load up on a remote server for developing through a browser session including an Apple Ipad. Pretty neat compared to something like Matlab Mobile. This is the primary reason why I switched from Matlab to R.

The confusing difference between CRAN and R-Forge

As a newbie, I could not find the difference with these R package repositories. As a discovery on Stackexchange.com, it was simply explained CRAN contains your milestones releases of R packages. This basically means they are more stable and could be major releases as well. As some R packages have many developers to the package, you could get changes every few hours which may make the package unstable if there was a potentially bad change. As a result, the package administrator may release the milestone into CRAN

R-Studio and CRAN

As you will find in this video, I would feel more comfortable to stick with CRAN and so does R-Studio. This video shows you how ridiculously easy it is to install an R package from CRAN. As I will start depending on these R packages for my production environment,   I would have no choice but do this. I am a sure a large bank or hedge fund would feel these same way. You can still manually install R packages from R-Forge as well.

A Thanks Goes To….

Thanks to this R community for developing these pretty amazing tools and packages. Best part is the documentation is definitely adequate to get me started fairly quickly with confidence as well. I am sure they spend a pretty huge amount of selfless time to get these tools to the point where they are.

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSxS0x4PLPg” playlist=”r, r-studio, cran, r-forge” title=”Using%20free%20R-Studio%20for%20newbies%20and%20installing%20free%20R%20packages%20from%20CRAN%20or%20R-Forge”]