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Huge China tariff in Oct healthcare outperform and Bitcoin largest bubble

Huge China tariff in Oct healthcare outperform and Bitcoin largest bubble

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Bitcoin fall to 3000 while market builds and GBP slammed

Bitcoin fall to 3000 while market builds and GBP slammed

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Euro Charts Analysis 12/11/2018

This is the latest set of charts for Euro Zone Economic Trading Data

Euro Charts Analysis 12/11/2018

This is the latest set of charts for Euro Zone Economic Trading Data

BIG REVEAL. Forex Analytics Now Live from Oanda forex broker

BIG REVEAL. Forex Analytics Now Live from Oanda forex broker

Whooo! The Forex analysis is now working on my Quant Analytics. I have revealed the CFD versions last night here:


The rationale for using Oanda is in this post as well.

I decided to do a live stream on Youtube which is below. I explain all the interesting trading opportunities in all asset classes I cover (forex, CFD, and crypto). I cover all the features across these asset classes as well. If you are interested in joining this service. please click below!


Introducing CFD analysis with automation from Oanda broker

Introducing CFD analysis with automation from Oanda broker

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2018)This is a big deal to showcase a new asset class  in the Analytics service (see below to join if interested). This just adds value to this service. It also gives you true edge where capital is going into virtually unknown areas as the markets turn against you. I am pretty amazed with this.

Anyhow, if you don’t know what CFDs are but they pretty well the poor man’s way to get into commodities, futures/options, fixed income, and stock indices. Yo can find a definition here


Do realize that this CFD market data is from Oanda. I still dislike them but I have 2 reasons why I stick with them:

  1. They are the only USA accessible forex broker who support Python. I get half of my user who are based out of the USA so I cannot ignore them.
  2. I do believe Oanda is more popular than a broker like Interactive Brokers according to Alexa.com
  3. You need to be careful of Oanda due to the market making division but I am not worried since my system does not depends on stop losses.


Download deepest analysis for crypto algo trading report


I have added the latest batch of reports in a ZIP file. Here you can find highly fresh reporting of automated deep technical analysis on the best trading opportunities. This is based on daily data with various reports showing different filtering techniques. This include volume or trend/momentum.

Crypto Currency Analytics Table and Charts


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Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency



Python Version 3

Python 3 Infrastructure Blocks with Crypto

As Bitcoin ruled the financial news cycle in recent times, many have had a peak interest in crypto currency along with systematic trading. There are many advanced trading research techniques including machine learning, AI, or quant.
This course was created for the ‘newbie’ who has a basic understanding in popular programming languages but easy to learn such as Python. A focus of technical analysis was chosen since it is popular among retail traders. It is also seems to offer more predictable results as opposed to harder to learn concepts such as quant or machine learning. In essence, a simpler with more effective techniques were purposely chosen to get someone with basic programming knowledge (eg. Python) to get ramped up faster!

Price: $747.00
Price: $247.00

Python Version 2

Python Trading Infrastructure Building Blocks Single

Python C++ Trading Infrastructure Building Blocks

Topic units include:
Unit 1 Popular Programming Language Overview for Algos and Automated Trading
Unit 2 Why Python for my algos and automated trading
Unit 3 Setting up your Python environment
Unit 4 Why Python Introductory Programming Resources and Environment video and material
Unit 5 Intro overview of MongoDB open source NOSQL database
Unit 6 OPTIONAL Intro to Redis for highest performance in your algo trading
Unit 7 Interfacing with Interactive Brokers TWS with Python and other demos
Unit 8 Market Data Source with Yahoo Finance
Unit 9 Pretty trading charts with Matplotlib and PyQtChart
Unit 10 GUI Front End Customization with Qt Designer

Price: $497.00
Price: $247.00

Overview and benefits but see below for detail content

Intro to Python 3

Intro to Python 2

Topics covered in topic for Python version 2 or 3.

Part 1 CryptoCurrency Algo Trading Options with Python

1. Programming Language Overview

1.1 Coverage of scripting and interpretive languages

1.2 Legacy languages for live trading

1.3 Offer the pros and cons of typical languages you will use

1.4 Show how Python is most sensible and popular open source languages

2. Python tools and methodology

2.1 Python 2 vs 3

2.2 PIP the package manager

2.3 Python install options on operating systems

2.4 Tools like popular editors/IDEs e.g. Sublime

2.5 Simple Debugging techniques

2.6 Very high level concepts of popular machine learning frameworks and Jupyter use cases

Part 2 Market Data Wrangling

3. Options to capture market database

3.1 IEX and IQFeed

3.2 LMAX and Interactive Brokers broker overview options

3.3 Oanda market data source code demo

4. How to create Pandas dataframe to manipulate data

4.1 Read a comma separated value file (CSV)

4.2 Apply statistical calculation and manipulative row

4.3 Export data to CSV or Excel format

5. Redis NOSQL Overview and Sample

5.1 Why this is used

5.2 Open source and benchmarks

5.3 Compared against popular open source HFT project

5.4 Server and client edition

5.5 Python code demos

Part 3 Technical Analysis with Charting

6. Demo technical analysis indicator examples functions with TA-Lib

6.1 Bollinger bands

6.2 Exponential moving average

6.3 Standard deviation

6.4 Relative strength indicator

7. Intro to ChartDirector for Python

7.1 How to install Mac or Linux compliant like system

7.2 Advantages over open source Python packages including Matplotlib or Seaborn

7.3 Benefit of ChartDirector

7.4 Hints of developing interactive Self Standalone chart with potential live charting

Part 4 Introducing CryptoCurrency with Python

8. Cryptocurrency Outlook and CCXT Python Package overview

8.1 Intro to CoinBase.com to depend on volume

8.2 Reliable exchanges

8.3 Advantages of Python option vs web programming languages

8.4 Examples of CCXT Python Package

9. Funding Crypto Currency account

9.1 Different credit card option sources

9.2 Why banks block funding cryptocurrency via credit card

9.3 Round about way to fund anonymously via credit

10. Crypto Currency trading idea with forward looking data tips for your strategy idea

10.1 NVT Ratio

10.2 Futures and Options market

10.3 COT reports

10.4 Use of CoinMarketCap.com

Test Tables 2

Download risk on risk off log here  risk

Most Profitable

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Remove Negatives Fast Down Moving

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Most Potential (not due to Removal from Watchlist due to  Negative moves)

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Crypto Rank

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Download (DOCX, 203KB)


Download (DOCX, 203KB)