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Example of Stock statistic daily return moves

These are typical charts you would be able to find in my daily trading analysis over atĀ Quant Analytics


Similar Python script can be found in this courseĀ 


Here are the downloadable files as demonstrated

AAPL_Stats FB_Stats IBM_Stats

R Code for for charting Daily Crude Oil Futures spread of calendar spread of first two months

This came in from the NYC Contact which could be very very useful for y’all. More to come!

R Code for for charting Daily Crude Oil Futures spread (calendar spread of first two months) .

The chart shows mean reversion and volatility. Extreme contango has happened several times.
Here is the R code:

CL1 = read.csv('http://www.quandl.com/api/v1/datasets/CHRIS/CME_CL1.csv?&trim_start=1983-03-31&trim_end=2014-03-24&sort_order=desc', colClasses=c('Date'='Date'))

CL2 = read.csv('http://www.quandl.com/api/v1/datasets/CHRIS/CME_CL2.csv?&trim_start=1983-03-30&trim_end=2014-03-24&sort_order=desc', colClasses=c('Date'='Date'))

CL_Spread["Date"] = CL1["Date"]

CL_Spread["Settle"] = CL1["Settle"] - CL2["Settle"]

rdate fix(rdate)
plot(CL_Spread$Settle~rdate, type="l",col="blue",axes=F)