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R Course with Technical Analysis
R Course with Technical Analysis
Module 1 Technical Analysis in R
Technical Analysis in R
Unit 1 30 day moving average function with all course source code
Unit 2 2 sided moving average for mean rolling window
Unit 3 R Code Walkthrough Improved Moving Average using intra day for Forex data
Unit 4 The improved moving average
Unit 5 R Code Wakthrough Simple Moving Averag Strategy with Volatility Filter
Unit 6 Love level Improved Moving Average functions with testing code
Unit 7 R source code for trading script with update portfolio, position size, MA, cross over, SMA, optimize parameters pt 2
Unit 8 R source code for trading script including MACD, Omega performance, RSI, and Bollinger Band measuring strategy and portfolio performance with plots Pt 3
R Course with Quant including GARCH
R Course with Quant including GARCH
Module 1 Quant trading in R
Quant trading in R
Unit 1 Walthrough Parallel R Model Prediction Building and Analytics
Unit 2 Intro to GARCH forecasting with various R packages
Unit 3 How to use GARCH for predict market movements
Unit 4 How to use GARCH to predict distributions
Unit 5 GARCH trading R script walkthrough with a rolling window
R Course with Quant
R Course with Quant
Module 1 Intro
Unit 2 An ARMA model R code walkthrough
Unit 3 Checklist of forecasting with ARIMA: is time series stationary, differentiate, ARIMA(p,d,q), and which AMRA model to use?
Unit 4 R code walkthrough: Detrend to use Auto ARIMA modelling and forecast with statistical data and Ljung BoxTest
Unit 5 My first version of ARIMA R script with Forex data and Equity 1 and 5 min frequency
Unit 6 Bayesian analysis to Compare algorithms with Gibbs
Unit 7 Markov Chain R source code walkthrough
Unit 8 Monte Carlo R Walkthrough Demo
Unit 9 An alternative to running a Monte Carlo simulation
Unit 10 R code walkthrough Mean Absolute Deviation with Efficiency Frontiers Demo
R Course with Mean Reversion and Pair Trading
R Course with Mean Reversion and Pair Trading
Module 1 Mean Reversion in R
Mean Reversion in R
Unit 1 Backtesting a Strategy with Mean Reversion
Unit 2 Mean Reversion Euler with Ornstein Uhlenbeck process
Unit 3 Pairs trading R source code walkthrough with mean reverting logic, spread and beta calculation
Module 2 Pair Trading in R
Pair Trading in R
Unit 1 Poor mans Pair Trading with Cointegration R Walkthrough
Unit 2 Pair trading with S&P 500 companies
Unit 3 Pairs trading with testing cointegration
Unit 4 Seasonal pair trading
Unit 5 Test for stationary in time series with null hypothesis test and p-value using Augmented Dickey Fuller
Unit 6 Pairs Trading R Code Walkthrough
Unit 7 Pairs trading with a Hedge Ratio Demo
Unit 8 R Code Walkthrough Back testing with trading pair with CAPM
Unit 9 Gold versus Fear in Cointegration test
R Course with Arbitrage and Volatility
Arbitrage and Volatility
Module 1 Arbitrage in R
Arbitrage in R
Unit 1 Beating a random walk with arbitrage
Unit 2 Beating a random walk with arbitrage
Unit 3 Time Based Arbitrage Opportunities in Tick Data: Why low latency is needed in HFT?
Unit 4 Building a currency graph with arbitrage
Unit 5 Arbitrage: Modelling returns with CAPM APT aka Abritrage Pricing Theory
Unit 6 Indian equity market index NIFTY anaysis with CAPM vs APT aribitrage pricing theory using PCA and moment analysis
Module 2 Volatility in R
Volatility in R
Unit 1 R Code Walkthrough Adding a volatility filter with VIX
Unit 2 R Code Wakthrough Simple Moving Averag Strategy with Volatility Filter
Unit 3 Mean Reverting with Volatility Spike
Unit 4 Trading with GARCH volatility R script walkthrough demo
Unit 5 Jeff Augen volatility spike code


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