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One of the most sophisticated signal service for Crypto Currency Asset class. All market data and pricing comes from Binance which is largest crypto exchange on the planet.

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On a Monthly Basis


On a Steeply Discounted Basis with no Automated  Recurring Fees


Semi annual with 1 free bonus month

3 Month/Quarterly

There are entire set of REPORTS so far!

Quant Analytics

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Deep Forex CFD and Crypto Currency research

Service Highlights

Access tutorial videos at https://quantlabs.net/blog/2019/06/quant-analytics-tutorial-videos-of-3-asset-classes/

All charts, Documents, and other files updated hourly while markets are open

Source market data accessible for USA customers including Kraken (Cryptocurrency) and Oanda (forex/CFD)

DEEP Cryptocurrency Research

Optimal risk profile of market condition for momentum strategy

Hourly updates coin top movers based on hourly and daily percent

See the pairs with most potential moves based on volume or % move, biggest movers, spread cost, stop loss/take profit target, and stats over multi time frames.

Pricing target levels with Fibonacci level pricing targets, visual for overbought/undersold and momentum conditions

Snapshot of watchlist, entry and exit conditions

Deep analysis for historical pricing trends, candle patterns, harmonic pattern, head and shoulder forecasting, Fib Golden Ratio valuation, Moving Average Buy Sell Cross signals

Statistical data provided to measure slope, daily average return, and std dev for volatility

Mean reversion analysis for truly co-intregation pairs providing Moving average and Z Score timing opportunities

Quick ranking snapshot spreadsheet of volume, close price, rvalue, pvalue, and other trend/momentum calculations

DEEP Forex Research

Most data from crypto on top of that is unique for Forex:

Pivot and zig zag charts

Listing for current watchlist

Hard and Soft Take Profit/Stop Loss target level for entries including

No other service exists

Weekly LIVE webinar events

24/7 access to chat server

2600+ video Youtube channel

11k+ Facebook fans in group

3000+ LinkedIn contacts in group

3500+ combined Meetup members

Now supporting Forex and CFD signals 

Even in hard financial times, CFDs can be the most lucrative trading potential

Use Forex unknown LUCRATIVE surprises to your advantage.

Learn from this detailed LIVE stream

Crypto Currency Analysis with Signals

Tutorial on Crypto Risk On Off with Weighted Average Description

(critical to know if worthwhile to trade in the crypto currency asset class)

Tutorial on top crypto currency pairs on Binance

(these are best performing on an hourly basis)

Tutorial on big report for deep technical analysis

Tutorial details on watchlist positions and crypto stats spreadsheet XLS files

Macro Economic Fundamental Analysis 

Demo overall automated reports of European Sentiment Indicator reports

Our entire US Economic view of major Indicators


I am interested in your trading signals service but i have a few questions if that’s ok:
1). Do you have an FAQ Page about  it ?
2). How do the Trading Signals come to me ?  (is it via text ?)
3). What do the trading signals cover eg: Forex, Crypto etc ?
4). What is the approximate length of the trades –  A couple of hours, 1 day 1 week etc ?
5). Have you built a dedicated website for the trading signals service ?
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEk-iCscqlw[/embedyt]