FREE WEBINAR MEETUP: Intro to R by Ram Venkat

FREE WEBINAR MEETUP: Intro to R by Ram Venkat

This a reminder for Premium members about this webinar. If you are wanting to be introduced to R for free, this is the time to do it. Details follow. Meetup takes place:


Monday, August 13, 2012 at 7PM EST

Online meetup through GotoMeeting. May have limit so sign up early to guage interest.

Intro to R with topics on:
R environment and installation
R packages and sample data sets
R objects and classes
Data input and cleaning
Graphic power and statistical computing
Quantmod and other important packages
Books and tutorials

Ram’s Bio:

” I am a software professional with 3 decades of experience. I hold a Masters degree in industrial engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India. with Dawn Analytics i focus on software development and consultancy with R, Python and Hadoop.”

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