(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)

Position EXIT NEOETH,2019/04/01 05:06,CLOSE_ORIGINAL,0.071524,CLOSE TIMSTAMP,08:06PM on March 31, 2019,CURRENT_CLOSE,0.071438,PNL,8.600000000000274e-05,ROC%,0.12023936021475692,MOM_ARRAY,[ nan nan nan nan nan nan nan nan nan nan -1.20e-05 5.10e-05 1.05e-04 1.05e-04 1.39e-04 1.39e-04 1.39e-04 1.39e-04 2.70e-05 2.70e-05 2.70e-05 -3.60e-05 -9.00e-05 -9.00e-05 9.10e-05 9.10e-05 9.10e-05 9.10e-05 9.10e-05 9.10e-05 8.70e-05 8.70e-05 8.70e-05 8.70e-05 -6.20e-05 -6.20e-05 -6.20e-05 -6.20e-05 -5.80e-05 -5.80e-05 -5.40e-05 -7.30e-05 -7.30e-05 -7.30e-05 -1.50e-05 -1.50e-05 -1.50e-05 -1.50e-05 -7.00e-06 -7.00e-06 -4.00e-05 1.24e-04 1.24e-04 1.32e-04 1.32e-04 1.99e-04 2.04e-04 2.39e-04 2.35e-04 1.41e-04]

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