Position EXIT LTCETH,2019/02/01 04:46,CLOSE_ORIGINAL,0.29533,CLOSE TIMSTAMP,06:46PM on January 31, 2019,CURRENT_CLOSE,0.2952,PNL,0.00012999999999996348,ROC%,0.044018555514158224,MOM_ARRAY,[ nan nan nan nan nan nan nan nan nan nan -1.4e-03 -7.9e-04 3.0e-04 3.3e-04 3.3e-04 3.4e-04 9.0e-04 9.0e-04 9.0e-04 9.0e-04 1.4e-03 1.4e-03 4.9e-04 4.9e-04 5.0e-04 5.0e-04 4.8e-04 4.8e-04 4.8e-04 4.8e-04 -2.0e-05 -2.0e-05 -1.0e-05 1.2e-04 -1.1e-04 6.0e-05 1.8e-04 1.8e-04 1.8e-04 1.8e-04 1.8e-04 4.0e-05 4.0e-05 -9.0e-05 1.2e-04 -4.0e-05 -3.6e-04 -3.6e-04 -1.4e-04 -1.4e-04 -1.4e-04 -4.8e-04 -4.5e-04 -4.5e-04 -4.4e-04 -3.4e-04 3.5e-04 3.5e-04 1.3e-04 0.0e+00]

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