Excellent tutorial on using urca R package for VAR, Cointegration, Statistical Tests, Non Stationary Processes, benchmarks and estimating models

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2012)

Excellent tutorial on urca R package for VAR, Cointegration, Statistical Tests, Non Stationary Processes , benchmarks, estimating models
Wow! This tutorial at http://www.pfaffikus.de/download/tutorial-useR2008.pdf is quite excellent! As I look for cointegration tests like Dickey Fuller, this tutorial has it! Also, there are some demos on VAR with traditional processes. I must say I have validated some of the R code which seems to work ok! Plots work too!  Also, there are some very good definitions and algo equations given. Thus far, this is an excellent resource to see the power of R in forecasting! There seems to be no question of how data is generated as it is randomly generated.  No wonky data conversion here in these examples!

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