R Course with Arbitrage and Volatility

Arbitrage and Volatility

Module 1 Arbitrage in R
Unit 1 Beating a random walk with arbitrage
Unit 2 Beating a random walk with arbitrage
Unit 3 Time Based Arbitrage Opportunities in Tick Data: Why low latency is needed in HFT?
Unit 4 Building a currency graph with arbitrage
Unit 5 Arbitrage: Modelling returns with CAPM APT aka Abritrage Pricing Theory
Unit 6 Indian equity market index NIFTY anaysis with CAPM vs APT aribitrage pricing theory using PCA and moment analysis
Module 2 Volatility in R
Unit 1 R Code Walkthrough Adding a volatility filter with VIX
Unit 2 R Code Wakthrough Simple Moving Averag Strategy with Volatility Filter
Unit 3 Mean Reverting with Volatility Spike
Unit 4 Trading with GARCH volatility R script walkthrough demo
Unit 5 Jeff Augen volatility spike code
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