Announcement of new R and Matlab Meetup User group for those in Finance and Financial Services!

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2012)

Announcement of new R and Matlab Meetup User group for those in Finance and Financial Services!

I have started a new R User Groups for those in the financial services field. This of course includes those from banking, hedge fund, bulge brackets, brokers, prop shops, indie traders, etc.  As I do like Matlab as well, I decided to combine both interests into one. The primary goal is to share ideas in using software tools like R or Matlab to enhance development in custom and proprietary trading strategies, models, and algorithms. I guess you could say I am kind of excited by starting this. I also hope people will join especially those who are researchers, analysts, practioners, etc in these fields. Also, I am finding so many new blogs posts and R packages that I would love to share. I also want to learn as much as possible with this group. So if you feel you want to learn or contribute something, please join this Meetup group.

Join here at this Meetup group.

Despite Meetup’s requirements for face to face meeting up, I plan to do various and highly frequent online events through something like for members of this Meetup. I also have to do face to face physical meet ups, so those will take place at least once a month in my local home town of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I also run another Meetup group so both will be used for of these events. The other group is

I have operated this group for over a year and a half with a few hundred members, it seems it  is growing steadily but many are in the global financial centers like New York, London, etc. As a result, I will be mimicking everything with this new group for R users.

Got questions, let me know via commenting below.

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