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vAcademy, Books tips that helped me out, All my notes thus far on building this internal trading system called AK47, Some Excel files to assist my data analytics, Complete links to my math study of Khan Academy, R source code files for all lessons. Bonus and exclusive material: Excel Stock screeners, .NET C# Source code files , and Database examples with schemas for SQL Server. Many more many examples including source code and videos for your trading operations. Access to monthly contributions via monthly subscription.
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Get access to our massive 5 year archive research technical infrastructure with dozens of algos in MATLAB or R. This is where everything started for me over the years. It will give you a solid foundation to instantly start your trading infrastructure within your control. No need to hand off your highly priced sensitive intectual property investment to other remote servers or cloud solutions to run. Why not run and control all your IP algos and infrastructure with what we provide? Also, you will find exclusive webinar playback videos you cannot even find in my Elite section. Check out this 36 minute video to highlight what is in this archive. Get more details with our spreadsheet to act as your roadmap to our 150+ videos here

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