My trading basket beats your trading basket webinar

Here is the descI want to test people if they have any trading baskets among their ETF or forex selections can beat the returns I am showing. I will run one for the day which will be the latest for the trading day. I am wanting to see if any out there can beat it. […]

More huge crypto coin 25 percent returns return in 2 days

There appear to be more coins moving high with better returns in short time lines. That is pretty is impressive which means the crazy strong upwarrd momentum is building. This opportunity most likely only exists on out of Asia. I also address the latest SEC investigation as well on this exchange and founder.

Is there another big upswing coming for BTC ETH and altcoins

It seems so according to these reliable Hurst Cycle indicaotrs. It is tought to say but it did measure the last crypto drop at least one month ahead. It seems there will be a small upswing but no solid momentum coming into the market. I would even say some private and decentral exchanges is where […]