Excellent long scores crypto calls

All long which are excellent rate ETH/USDTBCH/USDTBNB/USDTFTT/USDTLTC/USDT First time using this with harmonics scan so just testing here.

Crypto calls for Aug 12 and early Aug 13

Here it is but not a very strong day with half <0 ETCUSDT pct 0.04244259859550987 clLast 6.968 firstTrend 6.080976170092301 lastTrend 7.276848353717217 This is the only coin still being recommended for Aug 14 at 2:47 PM EDT

Webinar topics and playback Aug 10

NOTE: No webinar next week on Aug 17! Economics need to junk old theories about stimulus and inflation https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-08-06/economics-needs-to-junk-old-theories-about-stimulus-and-inflation?fbclid=IwAR1xYNoQeVpFds2e0XGuOM2n_p10r-UPyHCco5ZN3_rirxqMJmb9bIwPMt4 AI-Powered Hedge Funds VastlyOutperformed, Research Shows https://www.institutionalinvestor.com/article/b1mssrswn1mpr0/AI-Powered-Hedge-Funds-Vastly-Outperformed-Research-Shows?fbclid=IwAR04Jbbjf4MdYqPVXNV2YByqo_jP27gdstowok1g4GYOKtmYi8zvZh8V0II Renaissance Hedge Funds See Red in 2020 While Market Turns Green Goodbye Weak Dollar, Hello Emerging Market Crisis? https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-08-03/dollar-weakness-ending-raises-risk-of-emerging-market-crisis?fbclid=IwAR0VbM2nFJKQZxi25OuEGHgO_ye8gxDeNjJgL7_LQHHSOF_c9g3CjtcZW5Y   U.S. Gets a Debt Warning From Fitch as Stimulus […]

Latest daily calls for Aug 9

Here is the latest of calls after an extreme volatile day. It was also mostly downward pressure day. ADAUSDT pct 0.008884049149878791 clLast 0.14511 firstTrend 0.11548901806239673 lastTrend 0.1464107200328409 Same call for today on Aug 10 as well Now it just added today XLMUSDT pct 0.026210545758721 clLast 0.10519 firstTrend 0.08674294094332151 lastTrend 0.10802129715191672

New crypto calls for these coins Aug 4

These seem to be on the move LENDUSDT pct 0.009274775856687368 clLast 0.34575 firstTrend 0.13399820208368632 lastTrend 0.34898677410678886WAVESUSDT pct 0.022715508925101706 clLast 1.6413 firstTrend 1.0797414011097963 lastTrend 1.679449551271158VETUSDT pct 0.037555810574879535 clLast 0.017914 firstTrend 0.014081396480946699 lastTrend 0.018613027328577097

Binance Futures webinar demo

Here is a demo of the Future part of Binance exchange This is a high level demo of WHAT this can do. Look at source code in Github repo to understand how this works. Find this on https://github.com/Binance-docs/Binance_Futures_python /Users/quantlabsnet/DOCS/Documents/python/binancef/Binance_Futures_python/example/market python3 get_24hr_ticker_price_change_statistics.py python3 get_aggregate_trade_list.py get_exchange_information.py get_funding_rate.py get_liquidation_orders.py - most important call get_mark_price.py get_open_interest.py get_order_book.py get_recent_trades_list.py get_symbol_orderbook_ticker.py […]

Latest crypto calls for Aug

These looks solid for RIGHT now RENUSDT pct 0.006287864144068316 clLast 0.16785 firstTrend 0.16143697511465913 lastTrend 0.16891209631391166THETAUSDT pct 0.0011273204591392115 clLast 0.25606 firstTrend 0.22216291730366328 lastTrend 0.2563489874582413SNXUSDT pct 0.008269337320343842 clLast 3.4789999999999996 firstTrend 2.8474324972587812 lastTrend 3.5080089089912194ZILUSDT pct 0.012780734960199542 clLast 0.01829 firstTrend 0.01834752358303613 lastTrend 0.018526785940773376LENDUSDT pct 0.014105221494280722 clLast 0.3343 firstTrend 0.10993694717173302 lastTrend 0.3390828385425521