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Java email download walkthrough

Here is a source code walkthru on how to download email within Java

import java.util.Properties;
import java.util.Scanner;

import javax.mail.Folder;
import javax.mail.Message;
import javax.mail.MessagingException;
import javax.mail.NoSuchProviderException;
import javax.mail.Session;

import com.sun.mail.pop3.POP3Store;

public class EmailReceiveTest {

	public static void main(String[] args) {

		String mailPop3Host = "";
		String mailStoreType = "pop3";
		String mailUser = "";
		String mailPassword = "";

		receiveEmail(mailPop3Host, mailStoreType, mailUser, mailPassword);

	public static void receiveEmail(String pop3Host, String storeType, String user, String password) {

		try {
			Properties properties = new Properties();
			properties.put("", pop3Host);
			Session emailSession = Session.getDefaultInstance(properties);

			POP3Store emailStore = (POP3Store) emailSession.getStore(storeType);
			emailStore.connect(user, password);

			Folder emailFolder = emailStore.getFolder("INBOX");;

			Message[] messages = emailFolder.getMessages();
			for (int i = 0; i < messages.length; i++) {
				Message message = messages[i];
				System.out.println("Email #" + (i + 1));
				System.out.println("Subject: " + message.getSubject());
				System.out.println("From: " + message.getFrom()[0]);
				System.out.println("Text: " + message.getContent().toString());
				System.out.print("press a key....");
				BufferedReader buffer=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
				String line=buffer.readLine();

		} catch (NoSuchProviderException e) {
		} catch (MessagingException e) {
		} catch (IOException e) {



which MotiveWave optimal out of box strategy for crypto hourly over 10 days?

which MotiveWave optimal out of box strategy for crypto hourly over 10 days?

Hourly at a over 10 days

Accelerator Decelerator Strategy btc/zar 0.11 
Buff Average Strategy eth.usd 17.81
Center Of Gravity Strategy arp/usd 16.00
CMO Filter Strategy 0
CMO Av Strategy ada/usdt .01
Coppock Strategy ltc/usdt 2.71 
D Three Ten Strategy link 0.04
DEMA Strategy xrp/usdt 8.0
Detrended Price Osc Strategy enjoys/usdt 0.02
Directional Trend Strategy band/usdt 0.02
Div Bars Allg Filt Strategy eth/usdt 1.29
DSS Strategy  0.0 ada/usdt 0.01
Dynamic Momentum Strategy ada/usd 0.01
Ease Of Movement Strategy band 0.03
Elder Ray Index Strategy eth/usd 14.65
Fisher Transform Strategy ltc/usdt 3.00
Klinger Volume Strategy eth/usdt 17.81
MA Cross Strategy ltc/usd 2.70
Mass Index Strategy lct/usdt 1.29
Price Zone Strategy eth/usdt 10.37
PSAR Strategy ltc/usdt 2.53
RSI With RSI Strategy eth/usdt 31.07
Relative Volatility Index Strategy band/user 0.03
SMI Ergodic Strategy band/usd 0.03
Starc Bands Strategy pnt/usd 0.01 
Three Bar Inside Bar Strategy eth/usd 17.81
Tilson IE2 Strategy REP/USDT     0.03
Trade Manager 0
Twiggs Money Flow Strategy  theta/usdt 0.01
Uni Channel Strategy link/usdt 0.11
VIDYA2 Strategy ltc/usdt 1.65
Volatility Index Strategy ltc/usd 1.65
Vortex Strategy btcup/usdt 0.14

I think the returns is much higher with daily data vs hourly.

Latest calls for crypto Jul 30

Latest calls for crypto Jul 30. These look good based on my Python trending test script:

RENUSDT pct 0.006287864144068316 clLast 0.16785 firstTrend 0.16143697511465913 lastTrend 0.16891209631391166
THETAUSDT pct 0.0011273204591392115 clLast 0.25606 firstTrend 0.22216291730366328 lastTrend 0.2563489874582413
SNXUSDT pct 0.008269337320343842 clLast 3.4789999999999996 firstTrend 2.8474324972587812 lastTrend 3.5080089089912194

Note I also find this script is the most reliable between and MotiveWave capabilities. This script timing seems optimal for timing as well.

Also, it looks the Word Docs report recommend MKR BTC ETH LTC


which MotiveWave optimal out of box strategy for crypto

Note this video has no audio or basically it is silent!

Note this video has no audio or basically it is silent!

Let’s start back testing to see which coin pair gives best return on each out of box strategy. Note that I have found hour data gives optimal data but I am using daily to speed up test results. I will revisit each strategy that give best returns using a hourly timeframe.

yes this 2 weeks is better
we are looking for best return with apple to apple comparison of each out of strategy
we will soon see which strategies have best return on an hourly basis
so let’s look at the performing ones on an hourly basis
the second number will be the hourly timeframe return with symbol
see how time frame makes a difference in return

accelerator decelerator strategy etc/usd 20.71 eth 5.47
buff avg -0.2 theta
com av link 0.06
com filter erd -0.05
center of gravity etc 19.11 eth 8.19 ltc 1.77
coppock band 0.06
d 30 10 linke 0.05
dema xrp 6
dss link 0.06
detrend price oscillator link .06
directional trend band 0.06

Div Bars Allg Filt Strategy btcdown 0.21
DSS Strategy link 0.06
Dynamic Momentum Strategy arp 2.00
Ease Of Movement Strategy eth 21.57 etc 1.77 btcdown 2.61
Elder Ray Index Strategy eth 14.56 etc 0.54
Fisher Transform Strategy etc 2.38
Klinger Volume Strategy ltc 2.38
MA Cross Strategy ltc 1.38
Mass Index Strategy bnb 0.13
Price Zone Strategy eth 21.57 eth 0.54
PSAR Strategy etc 0.72
RSI With RSI Strategy eth 30.67 eth 28.63
Relative Volatility Index Strategy link 0.06
SMI Ergodic Strategy band 0.05
Starc Bands Strategy erd 0.05
Three Bar Inside Bar Strategy eth 19.11 eth 207.45
Tilson IE2 Strategy rep 0.06
trade manager 0.0
Twiggs Money Flow Strategy xxc 0.01
Uni Channel Strategy arp 2.00
VIDYA2 Strategy etc 1.03
Volatility Index Strategy erd 51.20 -999 hundred million <– best one for momentum
Vortex Strategy eth 22.09 btc/zar 0.03

In conclusion, it seems daily time frame gives optimal but which strategies depends on price action if it is momentum/trend following or range bound/revert to mean.
6 out of box strategies are useful here for crypto is seems

1 crypto call for Jul 28

This seems to be your only choice right now

RENUSDT pct 0.006287864144068316 clLast 0.16785 firstTrend 0.16143697511465913 lastTrend 0.16891209631391166

Big 4 coin outlook is

BTCUSD -1.3890256942202732
LTCUSD 1.6076198336882601
BCHUSD -0.7323570608526212
ETHUSD -0.7518216947736208

Some other notables are XRP, ERD, ADA, HBAR

MotiveWave and reports with fast moving crypto calls

These Word Docs and spreadsheet are created from my Python scripts. I am trying to figure out how to make predictable calls when certain coin either bottom or pivot. This is hard to time. Watch this video to see the details.

DeFi talk webinar

The notes

DeFi talk Jul 27

DeFi is short for Decentralized Finance. Decentralized Finance includes digital assets, protocols, smart contracts, and dApps built on a blockchain. … Since these are applications built on a particular blockchain, they can be combined, modified, and integrated according to your needs.

Most tokens are built off of Ethereum 2.0

Performance can be measured

Tokens used or payment, derivative, lending, decentralized exchange, or asset.

Best performing can be Maker and Compound. Both can be found on Binance which seems to add best performing Defi tokens when needed. Past Defi tokens on Binance which traded well was Bancor and Ren. These come and go using my own scripts to gauge performance. They are also highly volatile when no volume is  present.

Could be decent to trade against Ethererum (/ETH) if performance is good but still volatile. Higher probability of fast moving negative whipsaws against you.

Better to trade in Tether (/USDT) where there is a more stability in price moves.

Best way to be exposed to Defi is choose is top tokens with Compound and Maker against /USDT. Some other coins will outperform these but Defi has a solid future moving forward.