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ELITE Membership 3 month
ELITE Membership 3 month
vAcademy, Books tips that helped me out, All my notes thus far on building this internal trading system called AK47, Some Excel files to assist my data analytics, Complete links to my math study of Khan Academy, R source code files for all lessons. Bonus and exclusive material: Excel Stock screeners, .NET C# Source code files , and Database examples with schemas for SQL Server. Many more many examples including source code and videos for your trading operations. Access to monthly contributions via monthly subscription.
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All our courses included with my Quant ELITE:

All Trading Courses
This includes ALL course for my Elite Membership listed below. This includes: Custom Trading Course, ALGORITHM TRADING COURSES, MATLAB Trading Courses, and R Learning
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Source code for Download government data for trading idea generation

Source code for Download government data for trading idea generation

This has been posted for Quant Elite Members at this location. You can get full details on this Visual Studio 2013 (Ultimate) project here in C#.  Details here on how to be a Quant Elite Member!

Detail on this project here


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