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I’m Bryan Downing and I’m the founder and owner of ‘QLN’ (as I often call it) is unique – it’s the only quant-related website and membership service expressly designed to help you gain practical experience with the quantitative world

So how did I arrive at this idea? Well, I’ve been a software developer for over 20 years at 3 major Canadian banks and had a brief ‘exposure’ stint at the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board too.

And I love the capital markets. It made logical sense to marry my software and investment passions together, so (how many years ago?) I launched QLN for quant analysts, quant researchers, and quant developers.

In fact, what really spurred me on was the obvious fact that computer-based algorithmic trading is the way of the future. Every serious institutional investor is now relying on quantitative methods to improve their analysis, risk management, and trading activities. This trend isn’t likely to reverse any time soon. In fact, it’s going to get more and more competitive (and more and more secretive) as everyone strives for a trading edge and a secret weapon or two to ensure steady profits.

I’m sure you’re thinking the same and I hope you enjoy blending technology, trading and investments as much as I do!

As it stands, my long experience and cutting edge tutorials can help you to get a job or launch your own business in the quant field. Between my own knowledge and that of our members (yes, we have real live institutional quant members active ‘on the inside’) the QLN practical knowledge base is just going to get bigger, better and more useful.

NOTE: Please note that I my time is highly limited so I cannot answer all questions unless you are behind the paywall or in one of my online events as hinted in my Facebook page event below. 
"Hunt Whales Not Minnows..."
- Bryan Downing - 
Chapter 1: The Credible Results
According to our Quantcast metrics, over 70% of our traffic audience makes over $100,000. while 40% approximately earn > $150,000
Chapter 2: The Story
I did a 77 minute interview with 52 Traders. Use coupon code for preview: quantlabsfree
Note that was chosen as a 'media partner' for the "Newsweek AI and Data Science in Capital Markets DEC 2017 Conference" in NYC
Chapter 3: The Creation
I have literally thousands of follower on the various Social Media Outlets. Check them out below.  This is the result of the HUGE amount of content I have provided over the last number of years. I also created two FREE online books for you to preview. 
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