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Look for ABC NICTrades crypto currency Bitcoin notes

Look for ABC NICTrades crypto currency Bitcoin notes

There is a lots of emphasis on how to look for ABC pattern

If you don’t know Nic who does crypto currency trading outlook. She runs a Facebook group with a free Facebook Live stream every Monday nite Eastern Standard. Note she runs it at 9 PM London UK time as well for a couple of hours.

Here is what I think about her technical trading analysis. As you read the notes below on her commentary on each coin, you will quickly realize there is a certain outlook she has for each coin. She is essentially a trend follower with daily chart forecasting and uses 4 hour to confirm short term potential. General indicators used are support/resistance, Moving Average, and Fib level for forecasting targets. There are other classic pattern days used as well. Very interesting how she does it.

Here is my take:

When you analyze the tick and 1 minute, it is tough to gauge on the high speed levels. No targeting is used to calculate is really possible since the pricing can change so fast. Most of my experience ha resulted in many quick losses since it is tough to forecast these. The markets are just too random to explain movements sine they are way to random. As a result, I am rethinking to follow Nic’s overall strategy with target levels using the patterns/indicators.

Oh, you are a hypocrite looking at technical analysis

You are right! When you compare someone who looks fairly successful, it is more smart to use this as a roadmap instead of wasting time guessing in these fast moving random markets. It seems these target levels make more sense. The technical traders don’t seem to care what others think. They just use historical averages what may work with highers of taking place. This compared to to my experience over the last months. I just need a better roadmap like with this strategy from Nic. Let’s see how this plays out. I can overlay this experience with other techniques like quant or fundamental later on.

Nic Trades contact: https://www.facebook.com/NicTrades/


Correction: It should be Gartley pattern


Here are the rough notes with no spell or grammar check.

Daily chart

Fib level

target 1 and target 2

wedge breaks up and resistance

ABC correction

look for potential support level

trendline down → look for better entry

20 moving average (first support) → daily close below that

support to retest → compare to USD or BTC

bunch up of average (above 50% above retrace) → need to get above next support level

look more for consolidation

look for ABC correction

need to be higher than 236 level

support for daily moving average

weekly invert (fib retrace) → need 50% of drop on a weekly chart comparison

200 DMA 20 DMA need to be above compare to fib > retest and could against downward always compare against 50%

fib line 618 786 (bullish trend)


You’ll want to place a stop just past the next resistance level, 78.6%.

golden ratio zone fib and moving average (mid pivot level)

CCI 14,5

fib resistance of previous high

bull bear line overhead resistance

look for 50% Of the drop

trade sideways

look for 4 hour resistance

DMA 50 above →entry

look for flag or pennant (side ways consdolitation) use trendline to measure breakout


use alarms for entry level potential

support and resistance trendline

look for pull back → 200 DMA low of potential high

retest open high bounce above 200 DMA measure high and low → bullish reversal

4HR 200 DMA for potential entry

measure first swing

compares against USD or BTC

flag pattern for consolidation

current price below DMA 200 so downtrend→ look for support level

equal measure move from previous high and low → bullish gotly pattern

4 hour chart

fib target project from previoss swing

NEED 3 SWINGS FOR ENTRY POTENTIAL look for ABC pattern correct

triple top

or double level

compare to daily chart

compare crypto performance vs benchmark like BTC

screens 200 coins twice a day

when BTC outperform ETH (be in BTC or maybe LTC)

inverted head and shoulder wedge consolidation

MA 200 close

EMA 20 close

MA 50

look for fib retrace level on projection

bottom and looks for impulsive move or impulsive candle

Understanding Impulsive And Corrective Price Action

wave count

50% drop after rally → look for ABC correct or flag pattern

measure against daily and weekly can take partial profit

look for breakout but could be stuck in range →flat moving average down to fib/support or resistance to measure potential breakout

uses binance

daily chart trend line up to equal measure move of 50% of prior low

fib of high to low to set target (786 fib)

if it continues to drop below fib or support level, drop off potential

use elliot wave

for capital allocation, put into top 3 potentials


Warning on your sleazy forex broker account and crypto currency exchange 

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Crypto currency Bitcoin bot development with Python over Javascript PHP


Crypto currency development with open source

This is a video explaining my view of crypto currency bot development. This includes Bitcoin with a focus on using Python over Javascript or PHP.

Advantages of using Python over web development programming languages

After my various videos on based on trading bots for Bitcoin. See below for that. The main hate on from what I see is that people don’t like negative references back to web development languages (e.g. Javascript or PHP) are substandard for more advanced languages including Python. I explain all of my rationale in my first 13 minute video below.

Working Python gives you many advantages to integrate with other awesome packages including backtrader. It seems that a widely evolved package like ccxt  enables you to wrap to 90 global exchanges. Some will be valid and safe while others will drop off with bad news around them. As a result, you only to maintain one interface with the latest exchange changes. You will not need to pull your hair out by maintaining each exchange you are interested in working with.

Here are some past videos I have done regarding Bitcoin bots. This includes Gekko or other bot projects.

There is no lazy way

If you plan to use some black box bot, you are pretty well wasting money. I say that because you most likely are looking for the quick easy way to make money at crypto. Guess again? Those days are over. Not only that, it means that you will need to work. You will need to full understand ‘under the approach’ of how these instrument flow. Yes they are valid. It is the volatility where you will make some great coin if you forecast the correct market direction. As a result, you will need to understand this with a good amount of learning. Sorry but I don’t think there is no other way.


Add OHLC Bar Data To Your Algo Strategy

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Warning on your sleazy forex broker account and crypto currency exchange 

Warning on your sleazy forex brokers and crypto currency exchange

This is a dire warning about your forex or crypto currency broker account

I just posted this to my Telegram groups:

gentlemen, IRS and CRA are now seeking all accounts that have been linked to cryptocurrency. this is all the more reason to go private off of telegram. also all the more reason to use crypto currencies that anonymous like Monero or ZCash. just saying

also, one of my contacts is taking a big but sleezy to court over premature losses. the broker’s general council wants a release (to prevent any lawsuit) before the they release his fund out the broker account. apparently, this goes against all regulation but just forewarning you, to be very very careful where you park your funds in whatever sleeazy crypto exchange or forex broker account


Real time P&L algo automated forex trading lesson

Questions and answers new to forex trading

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Forex vs Crypto Currency Online Meetup plus Toronto Social 

Forex vs Crypto Currency Online Meetup plus Toronto Social

I have sheduled 2 events starting this Monday:

(Also, any folks in Quebec City out there?)

Do forex or crypto currency automated trading

Monday, January 22 at 7 PM – 10 PM
Next Week

Online via Zoom.us

Let’s talk the benefits and cons of each. I am getting more proficient at forex trading but still learning crypto. We can about the pros and cons of each.


And Our Monthly Social
Monday, January 29 at 7 PM – 10 PM

5051 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 5P2, Canada

• What we’ll do
This is our usual social din din but this time it is in late jan.

• What to bring

• Important to know
all tax included in your bill as we are more than 6

Jan social Meetup

Monday, Jan 29, 2018, 7:00 PM

2 Members Attending

Check out this Meetup →


Social Meetup din din late Jan edition

Monday, Jan 29, 2018, 7:00 PM

1 TO Forex Traders Attending

Check out this Meetup →

Meetup Jan 15: Trading results with systematic process

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Dukascopy may add liquidity instruments like crypto currency


I must say that this Dukascopy has added all the important ETFs thank are highlighted by news services like Bloomberg. This now just came in:

Today we offer leveraged spot trading of 500+ instruments including FX, Metals, CFDs on commodities (Oil, Gas, Copper), major indexes, single stocks (14 countries) and binary options on FX. This  is well-known ECN liquidity provider. Our bank continuously improves execution quality, liquidity and the list of tradable instruments. Next important steps will include crypto currencies.

Life will now get interesting which means I can trade these thing legitemately as well without modifying this current strategy much.  Can you imagine?

Dp note that this broker not take American residents for some reason

64 bit version Dukascopy Forex tips with Bitcoin crypto addition

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Which Bitcoin crypto currency bot project? Gekko vs ccxt vs Tribeca vs Blackbird

Which Bitcoin crypto currency bot project? Gekko vs ccxt vs Tribeca vs Blackbird

This is so confusing but I lay it on the line with this query

We met sometime in the distant past, and we’re LinkedIn. Anyways, I was learning about crypto trading bots on YouTube and came across your videos. I was excited to see you’ve been checking out ccxt and gekko. I’m looking to experiment with arbitrage using automated software. I need to learn a lot… about a lot. First, I want to pick a tool and start looking at data. Where are you at with these and which would you recommend. I don’t know either JavaScript or Python so with would be fun to pick up.

BTW have you checked out Blackbird and Tribeca?

https://github.com/michaelgrosner/tribeca ←— in typescript???

https://github.com/butor/blackbird ← c++ decent but limited compared to ccxt





Tribeca – A very low latency cryptocurrency market making bot from BitcoinMarkets


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Future of algo forex trading and crypto currency

Future of algo forex trading and crypto currency

A series of questions from a newsletter subscriber:

I’m not so interested in your courses but more interested in your signals would that be within your chat room ? if so when does that go live. Little confused how to tell if signals and analytics will be within a chat room subscription or are there separate subscriptions for these or do I’ve to be a quant elite subscriber to see all this ? I’m not a programmer by no means, I’m currently using the Nanex datafeed right now for my analysis.

thanks, appreciate your feedback!

Thanks for the interest. As I am trying to improve this strategy with more profitable exits, I am hoping to get the signals working within a week. It just depends on getting more consistant winning trades. Also, they can be posted within my chat room but they can also get posted as a regular blog post in the membership. These signals are intended for  non programmers like your self. As you know, I am using Dukascopy for now but have access to IQFeed which is the same source as Nanex I believe. 

I will keep a eye out on your blog on when the signals go live. So your forex strategy is doing well with proper entries ? but you just have to sharpen out better exits it sounds like. Also look forward to seeing how your development in the crypto universe goes. 

Could you make a video when the signals go live, like to see how to setup the service in etc..

this is nanex http://www.nanex.net/


You asked for a video on tools so here it is 


It is Jforex the platform and Redis NOSQL database which is what I use

Dukascopy Visual JForex for NON programming to do algo forex trading


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hype from fiction of popular Bitcoin and crypto currency exchanges

I have put together a 20 minute video explaining how I plan to move ahead with this crypto currency trading confusion. It seems the withdrawal out of certain exchanges can get sort of hairy. Watch my video here for your thoughts:
See the links of video here http://quantlabs.net/blog/2017/12/separating-the-hype-from-fiction-of-popular-bitcoin-and-crypto-currency-exchanges/
Here are some recent comments from the video so far:


Hey Bryan, thanks for the vid! I started trading with crypto a couple weeks ago and finding some “AH-HA” moments that has costed me some coins in the process. No biggie… I agree, I read some opinions online regarding Bitfinex that had me stay away from it. Regarding IOTA, I been getting conflicting reviews that, again, has me on the sidelines with this coin and just watching it for now. What are your thoughts on Cardano (ADA)? Let me know what your take on this coin. As always, your input on things is always appreciated. Cheers!


…You are right that Bitcoin withdrawals can sometimes take a few hours (usually around 30 mins), but let’s put that into perspective….



What is your throught on all this?
Did you know the Bitcoin future contracts crashed after breaking the circuit from the 20+% move last night?

Bitcoin futures debut crashes CBOE website while tracking S and P 500 peak return  Check out the links here (Free membership required)

What is your throught on all this?

Thanks for reading


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Impressive Python package for integrating over 60 Bitcoin cyrpto currency exchanges


Impressive Python package for integrating over 60 Bitcoin cyrpto currency exchanges

<< Test First Name >>,

I found an impressive Python package that interfaces with 60+ crypto currency exchanges. It seems this package is regularly updated and works which is a very positive development. As a result, I created a video to explain the demonstration of this. Also with the active link below is the exchanges the CME will use for the futures contracts starting in December.


Click here for this video and set of helpful links


After my forex trading strategy starts testing, I will in the meantime start focusing on the crypto currency market to apply the same trading strategy for these various exchanges. From there, I will expand the Quant Analytics to cover signals for this fast paced asset class of crypto currency.


If you are ever interested in building out an algo trading business like I have been running, you maybe interested to know about the Quant ELITE service version 2. This does include all courses including the one described below.


Get details here.


I also have a specific course for Python Infrastructure Building Blocks which is the most popular item I have.


Get the details here.


If you are interested in getting this half price, do let me know by responding to this email. This is the fastest path to learn algo trading that I know of.


Thanks Bryan


P.S. If you are interested in knowing the current status of my Forex Trading Strategy, I set a live online Meetup webinar event this Nov 20 at 7 PM EDT.


Details here.



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