Further tips in acing your C++ interview for your next job offer

Further tips in acing your C++ interview for your next job
Ok. We all know we could prepare until the cows come home from all these web sites that promote to help you ace your interview. You ace it, you pretty well pass screens and tech reviews even by the most detailed oriented interviewer. Some of them out there are really tough.

There are three books I can recommend that will help test your knowledge in C++ at a advanced level. Even if you are a junior all the way up to tech lead or senior or even architect, you will need to ensure you really know your stuff. It is my advice to review these books to enable you get you that job you want.

Quant jobs are extremely well paying so we need to ensure you are at the top of your game. First get the following books and ensure your can answer all detailed questions known as items. The first book I recommend is Exceptional C++: 47 Puzzles, Programming Problems, and Solutions by Herb Sutter. It might be an old book but don’t let this hold you back. The author covers all the important topics include iterators, safety issues like exceptions, class design and inheritance, compiler issues, look up, memory management, and I could go on. Looking at some leading recruiters recommendation ebooks, it surprises me on the level of difficulty these companies will ask. Also, check out this author`s More Exceptional C++ as well.
There will also be a need to understand the STL (Standard Template Library) as well. A good book to check out Essential STL by Scott Meyers. This of course includes all the standard containers you need to know like lists, maps, and vectors.
Also, ensure you know design patterns. These of course include singleton, builder, adapter, and so on. I do find Mark Joshi’s C++ Design Patterns and Derivatives Pricing is the one you should look into.

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