Why Python for data science with technical analysis and HFT potential

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2016)

Why Python for data science with technical analysis and HFT potential

From a newsletter subscriber:

Thanks very much for sharing those videos , so i really enjoy  but if you could give some interesting advices about an efficient ALGORITHM FOR TRADING WITH PYTHON actually then i would appreciate so much , the truth of matter is that many books on technical analysis Trading but as being Datascientist , i need to understand the real mathematical in the hood in combination or implementation codes through Python , especially focused on High Frequency Trading , i do know that Python is a very powerful tool especially Ipython  in fact i do have one ALGORITHM but it is not quite elaborated one , additionally the extended capability of Python on Excel would be and excellent approach for testing statistical Probability Function before really passing Order Book for instance , so do not hesitate to provide me your experiences about that topic as being freelancer , i need to bring my own business actually , many thanks to you Bryan

You represent many people in the same boat for trading ideas. I find you are correct in applying the data science approach. As for technical analysis, it is an unprofitable way to trade if that is the only to make trading decisions. You can only use TA to time your trading decisions. As for HFT, the final thing that made me switch to Python was that many leading HFT firms use as it can be easily/efficiently tied in with C++. I have confirmed this. My current scripts are using Excel as a source. I plan to develop optimal order book code in C++ if I need to speed up this new system I am working on. See below my Python video playlist to see what I am working on with it.

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