What I need to see to partner in a small hedge fund

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2015)

What I need to see to partner in a small hedge fund

This is a complete stranger to me which is was submitted by contact form:


Hello Bryan. I am sending this to ask you if you might be interested in starting a small trading hedge fund. I live in Toronto and think you do to. I have the background you’re looking for and you have the background I’m looking for. Even if I make an automated strategy at any given time it might have on hundreds of positions at once. So regardless of my trading experience and programming experience and one man operation is simply not viable…


I like to know what people offer in this scenario. Is it capital? Solid trading ideas? I don’t know. I got thousands in my network via my site or social media outlets. Some capital allocators have thrown up to 9 digits my way. I like to see some sort of business or marketing plan to see how serious people like this are. If it just based on talk, I don’t take them seriously. Also, if you cannot take the present a plan, I already lost interest as my development time is too valuable. Also, signing non disclosure agreements are not big deal for me to sign. I get that and respect it.


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