Roadmap to being successful trading techie educator

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2016)

Roadmap to being successful trading techie educator

From a newsletter subscriber



I have been trading for many years. Never have the insane capitol to drive my profits at the frequencies I would like to trade. I have suffered from lots of failure over the last 10 years based on the fact that I have no formal education to leverage my knowledge in the professional arena. And although many times I have thought of setting up a trading service to offer my skills to those who have the capitol for a fee I find myself at a moral dilemma. Knowing the psychology of people who join services hoping for a money ride and the high quantity of people who delude themselves to a huge degree how can I create something that by my actions will cause people to loose money?


If you don’t mind me asking. How do you cope with that avenue of thought when setting up your service. We are all adults trading and make up our own minds but making money this was attracts a pshcye that isn’t that disjoined from sports betting addiction.

I  not trying to discourage you by any means, I am just looking for help in resolving this issue myself that has for a large part stopped me from taking peoples money for my own knowledge and experience when largely I only have quality of trades and not been rewarded of my own efforts by proportional income suitable for the time directly involved.


Many regards.

My video response

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