Required software and monthly costs ?

(Last Updated On: August 6, 2015)

Required software and monthly costs ?

Thanks Bryan,


Outside your course, how much does the subscriptions/software to all the needed tools typically run per month or year? It seems like by the time you add up Matlab, feeds, servers, etc. it’s not a small amount.


Good question? This depends on your goals and budget. I am starting from a small scale by using my own desktop with a high speed internet connection. You most likely have that already so no point in going on about it. You can also save on all the remote server costs like a virtual private server. Keep it simple. My pick of broker is Interactive Brokers where they provide some decent data as part of the account. $10k US is needed to fund an IB account. I would also focus on a small subset of market assets (i.e. oil, goal, some forex trading pairs, etc) to keep the costs to a minimum. Also, all your trading strategies will be simpler with a higher potential of success. Once your system shows profit, scale it up from there on the number of markets assets you trade as well as improve technology or hosting (i.e. on an exchange). As for software, you really don’t need to Matlab itself as I will be posting a generated code in C or C++, and even HDL once I get there. You can develop with all this for free. You can also get a Matlab Home edition for $150 with additional toolboxes for $50 each. Pretty cheap when you think about it.

So basically the cost is minimal to get started.

Your other option is to pay for expensive coders but I address that in the videos below


I’m just trying to get an idea of startup costs or ongoing costs to run this thing.


Secondly, where are the gaps in your training? In other words, what knowledge can I be working on or acquiring to maximize your training?

Since I have this workflow being developed (and proving to be awesome), I am providing a full end to end solution where you get tech infrastructure and even the trading algo/strategies/models I am working on. This workflow is here

Latest and greatest 30 minute video


It sounds like you could save me years of digging on my own, but that it may still take me 3 years to learn what I need to have my own trading program running in a live environment. I would only have about 5-10 hours per week to work on this.

That is the whole point of this. I am finding this is the optimal path to indie trading. I have been at this for 5.5 years now. All the other open source languages like Python and R are very slow when you go into a live trading mode. The above methodology takes care of that! Watch my 30 minute video above to get an idea to see what I mean. Also, you will save many years of learning and development where eventually you give up! It usually is a 7 year path to get decent but I think what I got will have shave it down by many many years. It does of course depend on your tech knowledge and inner drive or motivation as well.



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