No I don’t do affiliate marketing for others but I will provide for valuable potential tips for others

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2016)

No I don’t do affiliate marketing for others but I will provide for valuable potential tips  for others

This response from was from this query from the same person

Code your trading solutions vs relying on 3rd party software or frameworks

Follow up response was:

Bryan Bryan! What’s going on? You say don’t use 3rd party tools and then attach a link to a company selling trading strategies, in the SAME email nonetheless.  Nothing is worse than buying a canned strategy!! They must be good to you for a same email contradiction 🙂
Let me explain how these emails work. Many people send stuff, I post it no different than this person’s. This is how I have been running this site for people to learn. From there it  grows, and more people send other stuff so I post that so it feeds off itself. Cool huh? Anyhow, this Capital Strategy company I have no affiliation with but that story was very popular so I put it in my email blast. As  a result, here we are. As said, some may find this sort of stuff worthy where over 100 people responded to it in the last 24 hours. You get that? It is useful for others. As for me, I still stand behind my video where I only code for myself with only as few dependencies. I don’t like to be selfish on this sort of stuff unlike other egomaniacs in this business.
Although, the Matlab modules they are selling look useful, but I’m guessing VERY expensive.

Yes, it is very expensive as this is the reason I am now on Python which is open source aka free. Also, I did it for my community and I am glad I made the switch as my community has literally mushroomed.
Cheers again for the vid. Very cool.
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