My new view of Python fundamental analysis

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2016)

My new view of Python fundamental analysis

This is a conversation from one of new Quant Elite members

> Questions I currently have (Copied from Facebook.). I also email I easier, but I didn’t know.
> hi, Bryan,recently I don’t have time to learn programming etc, but it’s on my plan. Now I have 2 questions , 1 I saw a video in which you mentioned that anton kreil theathen you, can I know why? 2 for weekly meetup , or elite membership? what do I get every month? is it mostly news & trends & your prediction or something else?

I bashed Anton’s fighter plane video so he responded in an unkind way. I decided to pull everything instead of escalating with a fight with his frat fan boys. For #2, I am submitting many code samples, Meetup video playbacks, and soon educational webinars I will be putting on in the next few months.

> And if it’s ok I hope there’s course for me to watch offline. I don’t think learning programming will take too much time

From what I am learning, Python is an easy language and definitely should be considered as a first language.

Website are slower than offline files. And do not require Internet
> Most stuff I learn from is online resources
> I will Learn the manual way (Anton etc) first tho. Focus on forex. Then programming To make the process easier.

You could do that but I think popular forex retail trading platforms are too limiting. They are ok to start with. My view is the same with cloud solutions like Quantopian.

> Algo trading seem to ignore fundermental analysis which can only be done by human

Most of the systems I am building will focus on Fundamental. I am hearing most pro systems are focusing on long term position holds as HFT pretty well killed a lot of opportunity for intra day trading. It is quite competitive as well.


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