Is there a Metatrader MT4 bridge to Python for forex trading

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2015)

Is there a Metatrader MT4 bridge to Python for forex trading

Hey Bryan, I read the post and you said something like some broker support Java.As for Metatrader. Do you know if any brokers support python?

python for mt4?

I don’t think so but there is an IB Python package

alright, I used to be coding in mt4 but at the moment i am in the midst of picking up python. Thanks for always posting useful article. Learning these stuffs from scratch is though but your articles and knowing a community that’s doing all these stuff encourages me

thank you. smile emoticon

no problem, i am moving into Python like the rest of the world. MT4 keeps coming up. I like the platform but it is way to limiting. Thanks for the kind words

 UPDATE: There is a solutiosn through ZeroMQ via this https://github.com/AustenConrad/mql4zmq

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