Intro to our Quant Elite Analytics Pro

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2016)

Intro to our Quant Elite Analytics Pro

First question which I get quite a bit:

Hi, I’ve been subscribed to your emails and want to learn more. How do I get more involved in the community? I don’t have too much of a technical background so the coding etc is a bit over my head at the moment. What can I do to learn as much as possible and implement your automated strategies into my trades?

Let the videos do the talking. This service should be ready in a few months

You have a few choices to enhance your learning with automated trading:

1. Affordable Premium membership training for access to our entire 5 archive. Join here if you are interested in joining?

2. Become part of our ELITE training include our NEW FUTURE systematic trading models. BE AN ELITE HERE

Only interested in our courses?

1. Take the R path to learn some deadly R trading scripts! Get them NOW

2. Get up and running fast with MATLAB to learn all the out box functionality you can get. WOW Immerse yourself by taking this course

3. Want to go the deluxe route to not only learn R or MATLAB? Learn how to build entire systems, acquire real time data, enhancement with various databases, or even know which charting packages will work for you? Take ALL OUR COURSES for this absolute steal!


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