Interactive Brokers FIX GUI and other brokers answers

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2015)

Interactive Brokers FIX GUI and other brokers answers

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Your site is not giving me the information I need.   I need to know how your platform integrates with the Broker API and which brokers have pre-certified integrations to allow use of your platform.   I also need to know what type of broker accounts have been pre-certified to work with your software.   I am currently using an ECN account and the weakest aspect of the system is having to run a piece of GUI software supplied by the broker as a bridge between our algorithms and the broker.  Do your samples bypass this problem?    We have FIX support but most brokers require pretty large accounts to allow access to their FIX gateway.

Everything I am working on now is not final yet.

Everything gets piped through Interactive Brokers so access to other exchanges depends who they have access to. I am also looking at using Matlab Builder JA (for Java) to integrate as a front end with back end Java code. This is the smartest path to embed Matlab scripts objects to be directly used from Java code. As for FIX, I would avoid that like the plague at this point as being a little guy retail trader. I plan to use the IB TWS as demoed below. FIX may be used for HFT potential and could be embedded in a high speed Simulink model. I think libtrading open source is the best library for this.  I am not sure if this helps out.


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